Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Cooker was a no show :(

I was planning on doing a before and after shot of the cookers today (sad I know, but just humour my childishness ok?)  I thought that by now, I'd have a brand new sparkling modern double oven cooker, with ceramic hob in my kitchen.  But I don't :o(  Instead I have an empty space.  It's a very clean empty space admittedly.  I know because I donned my pink pinny and scrubbed the wall and floor, but it's still a very sad looking empty space. 
I don't know when the cooker will be arriving, hopefully tomorrow - pretty please?  I have bread to bake and cakes to make, and new recipes to try...
Although overshadowed by the lack of space filler arriving, we have had a pretty decent day.  Chelsea's paper-round meant that Lee and Joseph were up and out by 6.15am, and I managed to get the cleaning and laundry done before they got home at 7.30am.  Lee got the old cooker unplugged and taken away, whilst I scrubbed the space that it left.  The rest of the day was really playing a waiting game.  It isn't nice just waiting is it?  When you expect something to happen and it doesn't. I found myself not wanting to start tasks "just in case" the cooker arrived.  I did manage to put together a couple of lapbooks for the children to start working on - Tiegan wants two on the go, one about Spiders, and one about the Human Body.  Callum wants to start one on Dinosaurs - no surprise there then.
The elder two spent a fair bit of time on the internet - researching their projects, talking to their friends on MSN, and in Chelsea's case, researching cake decorating (our new hobby me thinks), and Vegetarianism (her latest *thing*).  We watched the birds flying to and fro our garden feeders, and talked about new friends and group ideas.  We all read books together, and I sat and had a lovely one on one time with Callum as we looked through his new Dinosaur book together.
Reading time snuggles, I LOVE these special moments:

Yes, that's me having a bad hair day and wearing a pinny!!!

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  1. Sorry about the cooker!! It should be there!!!

    Bad hair day?!?
    It's looks so loving and cute!!