Saturday, February 06, 2010

New Books....

In keeping with my recent "perfect housewife" trend, I bought a couple of new books this morning.  I want to do more baking and, although we have a bread machine which we use alot, I want to try making more bread by hand.  With this in mind, I came across Making Fresh Bread on offer in Waterstones and couldn't resist the "buy me, you must own me" vibes.  The photos really do make the mouth water and I can just imagine ripping open a loaf to dip into some hearty winter soup.  I just hope they taste as good as they look. 

The other book that caught my eye, was hugely reduced from the RRP in WHSmiths.  It is called The complete book of Cupcakes, Cheesecakes and Cookies and despite searching high and low on the internet for it (by name and by ISBN), I can't find a link to it anywhere :(  It was reduced from £25 down to £8.99, but for some reason the one that I picked up had a £6.25 sticker price so the lad on the till gave it to me for that.  The cakes look delicious (the photos are out of this world), and the recipes sound yum - so watch out for hundreds of photos of our attempts coming to a blog near you soon... (and for those of you that come along to the Monday HE group, we may be sharing our makes with you there if deemed scrumptious enough).

Chelsea has been out for much of the day with a new friend.  I dropped her off in town this morning and they went shopping, then came back to ours.  Fingers crossed a new friendship is in the early formation stages.  Tiegan is spending the weekend at my parents house, and the boys have spent their day dodging between book-reading, playstation playing, wii gaming, and football watching.  Since being home, I have done meal planning, sorted out an online grocery shop, dabbled around on Facebook, blog hopped, and generally had a pretty lazy day :o)


  1. I'll be there on Monday!!!!!! ;))

  2. Hmm, it could quite possibly be Jax, although the cover is different on mine.

  3. I have a book called, "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day" and it is excellent. I have a bread maker but stopped using as it got put away in a cupboard. My sister-in-law bought me this book and this is now the only way I make bread. You prepare enough dough for about 3 or 4 loaves - you don't need to knead or wait for doubling in sizes or any of the usual steps required to make bread from scratch, you just mix it all up and leave to rise for 3 hours - take a portion of the dough to bake straight away and put the rest in a tupperware-type container and you can then put it in the fridge and take a lump of dough out when you need it. It then only takes 30mins to bake and the dough will keep in the fridge for up to 14 days. I started baking my own bread as a new year's resolution and I haven't bought bread in weeks now! It is so simple and would definitely recommend it!

  4. Thank you so much Mee Mee, I'm going to go a searching for that book, definitely sounds worth getting!