Thursday, February 11, 2010

Out and About at Last!

After what feels like an eternity (yes I frequently exagerate) stuck indoors due to "just in case it arrives" cooker waiting, and good ol' English bad weather, we broke free from being encapsulated within walls and headed for the hills.
About 15 minutes walk away from our house is an area called "The Downs".  Landscaped with winding wooded trails and interspersed with large open fields, it's perfect spaniel country.  We all love it up there, the freedom, the tranquility, the views.  The dog loves it even more, dashing in amongst the bracken and branches.  It's very little used really, the odd dog walker, photographer, birdwatcher, and blackberry picker (in season) is about as busy as it gets.  We use the area alot.  It's the perfect exercising space for Kira, whilst in the warmer months, we take our picnic lunches and art supplies and wile away hour after hour in seemingly another world.  I have often thought about organising a home-ed nature walk up there in the spring or summer, as it is full of wild flowers, fungi, butterflies and animal habitats.  We did go on a nature walk with a local "expert" last year (and the local Rainbows!) and it was fascinating, it really opened up our eyes to all that we had missed - almost like removing blinkers.  I'd really like to go on another.
Never one to miss a photo opportunity (as regular readers will know), here are the (many) snapshots of today...

Wintery Blue Skies

Kingskerswell Views

Woodland Wander




Just Hanging Around...


Smiling in the Sunshine


Taking a Break


The Gang



  1. Lovely pics Julia, it feels so great to get out after being cooped up and today was so wonderful and sunny wasn't it?!

  2. What a beautiful day you all had.

    I am inspired.


  3. Looks like a fabulous walk!

  4. Anonymous10:21 pm

    How lucky you are to be able to walk to such a lovely place. Great photos. x

  5. Sweet pictures! :)

  6. Hi Julia, I don't know how you found my blog but I wanted to say hi and thanks for your comments! :) I see Emily commented above me here so maybe it's through my darling daughter.

    I love your photographs! What a gorgeous area you live in! As you may know, we're a homeschool family too and we also love to read lots of books.

    I hope your cooker arrives SOON!