Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Success Story in the Making...

Once again, our new group meeting was a good one.  I almost find it almost difficult to believe just how smoothly our new get-togethers are progressing.  The third meeting today went without hitch nor hinder.  There were 16 children in all, at my house, ranging from 2 - 14 years.  From what I can gather, time was spent eating, chatting, dressing up, playing football outside, table football playing inside, birdwatching, keyboard playing, recipe exchanging, trampolining, playdoughing, Connect 4 enjoying and playstation gaming.  There was probably more squeezed into the 5 hours, I just haven't heard about it yet.   There were a couple of newcomers joining in this week, and meeting them for the first time was just lovely.  I have a feeling that firm new friendships are going to be formed (or at least I hope so!) and am certainly looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.  I have to quickly mention that I did receive a couple of really lovely and kind emails this evening that made me glow with pride.  Knowing that people are enjoying the group is so nice.  Having 16 children in the house, all playing and chatting with ease, sharing toys and games, and needing no intervention from adults to sort out squabbles or problems (we were only needed to sort out food and drink requirements!), pretty much blows all the "home-edders can't socialise" theories out of the water.  I'm so proud of all the children, thanks guys :) 
I was well and truly spoilt by dear Mirjam, who came bearing lovely thoughtful gifts. We are so lucky to have such a lovely family living in the village.  Our lives have changed pretty dramatically since meeting them, all for the better I might add.   We now no longer feel so isolated, we have made new friends, and have a regular meeting to attend/host.  This is quite a nice positive posting today isn't it?  I'm in such a happy dreamy place right now  :)


  1. Anonymous7:28 am

    That's so wonderful!
    I organised our first get together this week - me plus 5 other families - we met in the afternoon and included friends who choose to got to school. The mix of kids was great. and everyone is keen to meet weekly.

  2. Lovely! I miss having a home ed group meet in our house. When we started our group up, that was the only place we met, and I recognise much of what you've written about your experience. For the previous two years we've met in a hall, which was also great, but now that has come to an end I'm thinking I need to revive the house-based meet here... Maybe when the weather is more consistent though so the kids (mainly boys - more than half on the autistic spectrum!) who are likely to come can go outside!

  3. I don't know what to say....;)

    But we love you guys too! :)

  4. Hi Julia, I love your blog! Your logo is so colourful!

    The photographs of your children learning are really lovely and a great testament to all the wonderful aspects of home education!

    I see you have been home schooling for nearly seven years! How wonderful, you are a HE veteran! We are 'newbies' but are loving learning alongside each other; I'm way smarter than when we started! Lol!

    Thank you for popping by my blog, hope you stop by again soon!

  5. Sounds like loadsa fun!