Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We did Science...and science...and ahem, more science...

One thing that I really like about our home-educating lifestyle, is that there are no bells telling us to put pens and paper away and move on to the next lesson.

Take today for example.  The children have been totally engrossed by Science based activities.  We didn't have to rush through them, we didn't have to keep clock watching to make sure time didn't run into the next "lesson", we didn't have to limit what experiments we did due to time constraints - and more importantly perhaps - I didn't have to worry about having the time to answer everyone's questions!
The first thing we did was the good 'ol crystal making experiment.

Young Scientist

Careful Measuring

Obviously this is a work in progress, and we have 2 more experiments planned when we have enough crystals to use.  Watch this space...

Then we moved on to making rubber balls using coloured Polymer granules (PVOH Polyvinyl Alcohol).

Making Rubber Balls...

Carefully does it...

We had 3 different colours of the granules, so mixed them to create these different sized balls...
Science - Rubber Balls

We made holes through them, then mounted each ball onto a wooden skewer as we have further experiments planned for tomorrow, so again, watch this space...

Then we did a quick curdled milk using lemon juice for the acid experiment, and discussed the reasons why and how it worked.

After this we did a condensation collecting experiment.

Science - Condensation experiment under construction...

Then my lovely girls made dinner.

Girls - Preparing Dinner

Dinner in the making...

Tuna Pasta for Dinner tonight...

Yummy Tuna Pasta.

So today has been a pretty good and very fruitful day considering I'm still feeling dragged down by the horrid cold that is refusing to pack his bags and leave.  I've also had a few really nice emails from home-ed friends old and new. I am really hoping that tomorrow will mean I'm all better again, and we have another day just as smiley as this one...


  1. Looks like great fun! You've inspired me :o) Can you tell me where you got all the science equipment? Rita xx

  2. What a wonderful day you have had.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, they were lovely.



  3. Cool post Julia!
    We don't miss the bell either!

  4. Homeschooling rocks! :)))
    You've been pretty busy ;)

    Hope you'll be feeling better soon!! ((()))

  5. ooo looks so much fun, science is one of my loves, as cant wait to try some of those. hope your better soon and dinner looks yummy!xx

  6. looks like great fun - where did you get the stuff to make rubber balls please? Looking forward to seeing the follow up experiments.

  7. Anonymous4:04 am

    oh wow! great experiments!! I'm so slack with science...

  8. My husband is a chemist and he can't wait to do science experiments with our daughter!! Looks like a great day.