Friday, February 05, 2010

We love home-education because....(#1 and #2)

#1. Children of all ages can play together...

#2. We can read and read and read for as long as we want to as there is never a bell to tell us to stop...

We have had a nice, but pretty dull day at home again.  I've given up on the cooker.  It is obviously going to arrive in it's own good time.  Yes, I've emailed, yes I've phoned, yes I've ranted, yes I've got frustrated, but as it only seems to be taking me round and around in circles and is making home-life miserable, I've decided it's not worth the stress.  So, taking bets - what day do you think it will arrive? lol.

In between the phone calls, we have read books, played games (the 1st photo is of the girls playing the Dartmoor game that we picked up from a car boot sale.  Lots of educational value in that one *grin*), dyed Chelsea's hair purple again, walked the dog, searched the internet for Valentines day ideas, looked for websites and book recommendations on cooking and cake decorating, had my parents visit (and admire the new clean-look house lol), brainstormed ideas for our weather project,  and looked out for the delivery guy (who never came - obviously).

We should have been out and about with one of the local home-ed groups.  They were doing a history treasure hunt thing in one of the nearby towns, but as we were waiting in for the cooker we decided not to go "just in case".  Never mind, we shall have to go and do the treasure hunt by ourselves one day. 

Right, I'm going to watch Million Dollar Baby, and then off to bed for an early-ish night.

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