Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Yuk, horrid day...

I went to bed last night very happy.  The new group had gone well, it had received a positive response from those that had attended, and I finally felt that new friendships were on the verge of the horizon, for both myself and for my children - something that I had made my goal for 2010 - a better social life for us all!
But, right from waking this morning, my head was banging.  A horrid banging headache that has lasted right throughout the day. I've tried painkillers, I've tried sleeping, I've tried hiding under the duvet away from light sources, but nope - upon waking/getting up again, the pain is still there.
So today was a bit of a wash-out really.  The children have pretty much entertained themselves.  Oh how I'm thankful for self-motivated children.  They have read books, surfed the internet, talked to friends around the country via MSN, made pancakes, cooked dinner with their dad, and have generally being wonderful considering I have felt hard-done-by for much of the day. 
I did have to go out this afternoon, and was hoping that the fresh air may help, but it didn't.  However my trip out was worthwhile as I found a fab Dinosaur book that will suit all the childrens' ages, and a Human Body book for Tiegan.  She is very much into reading about the human body at the moment, well she has been for a long time actually.  She has sat all evening reading it as I have closed my eyes on the sofa, and as soon as I awoke she rushed over to talk to me about what she had learned.  I love that about her, enthusiasm just oozes from her when she gets really into something. 
I'm signing off for the night now - headache still raging.  Tomorrow WILL be a better day.  Our new cooker is due to arrive so it better be...


  1. Anonymous12:57 am

    Gosh, poor you. I do hope you're feeling better tomorrow.

    So glad to hear the new group went well.


  2. ((hugs))Hope you are feeling much better.x

  3. Lavender oil rubbed on the temples and forehead can work wonders for headaches, good for burns, helping you get to sleep and just about everything else as well. Hope you are feeling better now.

  4. Hope your head is better today.
    Has the cooker arrived yet?