Wednesday, March 03, 2010

7 years? Really?

Today we are celebrating. Celebrating 7 years of home-educating. Celebrating 7 years of freedom.

When I look back I smile. I smile at all of the experiences we have had, all the wonderful people we have met, the friendships that have been formed, and at how my children have absolutely thrived. There have been some tough times too. The constant "proving ourselves" to unbelievers, and there was a time when life seemed to fall apart and I crumbled. At that time we stopped going to groups due to friendship break ups and trust issues, but here we are, still home-educating. Now we are stronger than ever and have so many plans for the future (see below). Many lessons have been learnt along the way, but I'm so happy that we took that decision 7 years ago to deregister a very unhappy little boy.

Today has been a quiet but lovely one. I had fully intended on doing something to celebrate our anniversary, but foolishly never got around to organising anything. Never mind, there's always next year :o)

Instead our day was spent at home - usual things going on, computers, colouring, drawing, reading, etc. We had our friends come over for a couple of hours which was lovely, even if it meant pushing Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends around and around the train track to entertain the little one :o)

As mentioned previously, we also made plans. I really want to get more organised for home-educators in the area to do. I have a whole list of visits I want to set up and places I wish to contact with regards to their facilities. I made an initial list this morning whilst talking to my husband, but this evening during dinner I found out what the children would like to do...
- Visits to the Firestation, Lifeboat Station, and Police Station.
- Canoeing at Decoy Park.
- Tours around local factories where possible, there are a couple of large engineering firms around here, it would be interesting to see if we could arrange a tour to find out what it is they do.
- Visit somewhere like Pizza Hut and have a behind the Scenes Tour.
- Visit local rescue centres; Hedgehog Hospital, Mare and Foal Sanctuary, the Birds of Prey Centre.
- Contact the park rangers of nearby nature reserves to see if we could build good relationships as home-educators. My lot would love to help out with any "work" where possible. We are a member of Devon Wildlife Trust so can get involved during events organised via them, but I want to look into other possibilities.
- Contact local sports centres and swimming pools to find out about home-edders using facilities.
- Look into what can be explored at Haldon Forest.
- Organise a group visit to the Bowling Alley in Torquay.
- Look at getting a cheap car to have in the garden to use as maintenance and repair "teaching" tool. Husband loves messing with cars, so if he can get enthusiastic children involved, all the better :o)
- Enquire about renting piece of land to grow vegetables and possibly raise chickens (latter depends on distance from home as would need to visit twice daily to check on poultry). This could become a joint home-ed project if other families are interested.
- Visit Powderham Castle, and the small Shaldon Zoo.
- Organise a group visit to the Recycling centre to hear about how they deal with our rubbish :)
- See about the possibility of arranging a behind the scenes tour as a group to Torquay United Football Club.
- Contact local artists of different types to see if they would be interested in holding a workshop with us. Particularly sculpture, pottery, metal workers, wood workers,etc.
- Contact the Dartmoor Rangers to find out if they would work with us in some way.
- Find a local beekeeper that would be willing to chat with us about their work/hobby. (Just checked this out and there are lots of links to clubs and organisations local to here, so looking good!)
- Organise something at Occombe Farm.

Phew, that should keep me busy for a while...


  1. You are in for a busy but interesting time by the sounds of it. I did a beekeeping course last year and loved it, although I am slightly bothered by the ethics involved in modern beekeeping. Our society has a demonstration hive, where you can really see inside the nest. May is a great mnth for trying to set this up as there is lots going on in a colony at that time.

  2. Thanks for that Jacqui, I will keep that in mind :) x

  3. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Wow! Some great ideas here. Sounds like you are going to be busy! x