Thursday, March 04, 2010

Falling Foul of the Lurgy...

It appears that 2 of the 4 little people in the household are coming down with colds. Tiegan didn't want to go to Brownies tonight, which is the first time ever, and Callum has just been in grumpy trumpy town all day. Sigh.

This meant a bit of a difficult day for us all really. Lots of negotiations and compromises, lots of taking deep breaths and biting of tongues. I'd like to think that I'm a pretty patient mother, but I certainly feel as if that's been put to the test today. It culminated in a "I give up being perfect" attitude this evening and we had Takeaway for dinner :o)

I had already baked bread though...

Does that gain me any brownie points?

It was a pretty dull day home-ed wise really. The eldest two children just tottered around entertaining themselves. From what I could gather at various times there was keyboard playing, computer use, reading, letter writing, cinnamon cookie baking, wii and playstation gaming, and bird project doing. Not bad really for children pretty much left to their own devices as I did a poor Florence Nightingale impression.

Erm, what else happened? Oh, I had a lovely phone call from my mum to say that they were home from Spain and all was well. We chatted for around 20 minutes and it was really nice.

Good news also came in the form of us being able to have a Greenhouse. Yay!

Bad news came in the form of the roof of said green house collapsing almost killing husband and smashing lots of glass.

All is ok though. We just need to work out how to replace the broken pieces now *shrug*.

I managed to do some work on the Classroom Free website last night, so that is coming together nicely. I still have lots to do. I'm adding local events, more about how we home-ed, some organisation and project ideas, and some product reviews. I'm going to put some links to H.E blogs and websites of interest too, along with business advertising. I'm getting emails from people everyday saying that they've seen the site and are interested in knowing more, so it's nice that the site is being found and looked at.  Hopefully it will become a useful resource.


  1. Ai :(. Hope you can fix the greenhouse! :)

    And the bread looks lovely!

    Hope today is going to be better than yesterday!


  2. the website is looking great and that bread too, im planning on making some over the weekend tips very much appreciated :-) xx

  3. Sounds like a pretty tough day. Some days its just better to leave them to their own devices- I've always held that children will very often make 'good' decisions if left to get on with their own selves, I know its not something my mother's generation agrees with. I think you are being so sensible with yours, they'll have so much more self- motivation in the future than children who have been dragged kicking and screaming through the 'system'. Sorry I haven't visited in so long...