Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Just the norm...

So what can I share with you today? Well, I'm afraid that the day hasn't presented any wonderful tales to tell regarding homemade Niagra Falls or such like, so we shall just have to settle for boring erm, normal, erm mundane.

I guess that is quite a nice opportunity in itself really. So often I will only blog our group meetings, or our days out, or the museum workshops we attend, or the nature walks we go on etc. There is so much more to our life, but people won't be interested in all the "run of the mill" stuff so I don't blog it. I suppose it is nice to write about just a "normal" day too.

As a home-educating family we are used to facing a barrage of questions from nosy curious members of the public. Alongside the much loved questions concerning socialisation and the legalities of it all, comes the "routine" one. How do you do it? What is your average day like?

Well firstly, there is no "average" day for us. We don't have any timetables, routines, or structure to follow. This may shock and horrify some people, but it works for us, ok? I myself have a little routine that I follow, namely the time I get up in the morning and my own cleaning system. Other than that, no two days are ever the same. Some days we get loads of things done, other days very little. Some days an outsider would see "educational activities" oozing from every pore, other days an outsider would be horrified that "no learning is taking place". Obviously, I would have to disagree ;o)

So today - usual start to the morning. Chelsea up and out with Lee to do her paper-round, whilst I did the cleaning/washing. Between 7am and 9am the other three rose from the pits. It's one huge advantage to home-educating - no school run. I don't have to be the dragon mother trying to get everyone up and organised in the morning, and the children can get as much sleep as they physically need. Our days can start relaxed without pressure.

The dog was walked and breakfast was obviously dealt with, then... what?

Well, Tiegan started her day doing colouring and practising handwriting. Her choice. Joseph and Chelsea went on the computers. Their choice. Callum - well, I hardly dare to tell you what Callum did for fear of persecution *grin* His day started well. I had a very excited four year old telling me all about his dream - kangeroos escaping from cages - all good stuff. His face was wonderful, full of expression and glee as he retold me all that he could remember. It is the first time he has talked about a dream that he has had in so much detail. I very much cherished his special tale expressed with gleeful eyes and huge smiles. Then he started talking about his favourite playstation game - Spyro the dragon. He re-enacted scenes from the game, showed me how battles were won and explained the various moves (throwing himself all over the floor to demonstrate). His enthusiasm was catching. He then said "And he does this!" as he proceeded to turn around and pull down his boxer shorts and show me his bum! Well, I tried not to laugh, but my trying was in vain. I admit to being a little shocked - well perhaps shocked is too strong a term, maybe surprised is more suitable. And I did feel I should point out that that such freedom of behaviour really wasn't the "done thing." I certainly don't want it to become a habit, but it did make me smile. I checked with his older siblings, and yes, there is indeed an incident of similar proportions on the game - but I don't think it reveals full "nudity", and I think it is the dragon that does it so it doesn't have quite the same connotations :o) Callum then got engrossed with watching Sponge Bob and came out with "Poop? Did they just say poop?" in disbelief and laughter. Maybe I need to have more control over viewing habits...or maybe not *shrug*.

Kids are certainly full of surprises though huh?

We went to the library and then shopping. Charity shop trawling was quite fruitful, well for books anyway. Chelsea bought 2,and I bought 4. Two were about primary history - Victorian Britain and Life in Tudor Times. They are workbook type based, but I will only use them as reference guides. I also managed to get hold of a GCSE standard Biology text book (only £1.49 - wow!) We managed to use our World Book Day Tokens too (I applied directly to the organisers for tokens as I'm not a member of EO anymore). Chelsea chose to buy a Michael Morpurgo book and get the £1 off it. The other three chose one of the free books each. All smiles :)

We walked around Newton Abbot chatting about local councillors and what you had to do to become one. Chelsea was very interested and thought that I should give it a go. She relished the thought of her mum going to council meetings in her bright pink Dr Martens... "But you'd rock mum!" she exclaimed.

Home again home again jiggety jig.

Chelsea chose to cook dinner - Chicken in White White sauce with rice.

We looked through some old editions of Natural World magazines and decided that we want to be more involved with the Devon Wildlife Trust this year. We talked about nature, various habitats, places we could visit, etc. Chelsea found out some more information about her bird project, and Joseph looked on the internet and library catalogue to source books that will be helpful with his World War project. Tiegan spent time on various websites including Neopets and Club Penguin, and I read a few stories to Callum as we cuddled on the sofa. The dog was walked and the kids went to their rooms, then eventually got into bed. We are pretty relaxed about bedtimes really. We trust the children to know when they are tired and need to go to sleep. We do have one rule though that works for us. The children are to go upstairs around 8pm ish. They don't have to get into bed, they can go in each others rooms, they can read/watch DVDs or TV/go on the Playstation whatever, but they do it upstairs. Why? Because I think it is important for me and my husband to spend time alone. The children are with us for the majority of the day which is fabulous and I love it, but I do need a little "me" and "couple" time. That's what works for us anyway.

So there you go, the insider guide to being part of our family for a day. Tomorrow will be very different, as will every other day that follows. No two days are ever the same - and I love that about my life :o)

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  1. Well i for one love reading the day to day stuff, as a new home edder i like to know how peoples days go, but i totally understand what you mean about no one commenting lol, we love the charity shop for book too. I must look into this world book day i havnt heard of it, thank you Julia :-) xxx