Friday, April 09, 2010

All that fresh air and exercise...

Today has been rather wonderful. The house and garden has been a real busy hive of activity.
First thing on the agenda this morning was time on the Playstation for Joseph and Callum. Now the novelty of the PS2 has long worn off unless we have friends around, but today they had new cause for excitement in the form of a new game that Joseph had asked me to buy on his behalf from Ebay. This meant that the first hour after the postman visited was spent learning a new game and relaying to me how wonderful it is. Happy boys. I like happy children :o)
The girls meanwhile read books - Alice in Wonderland for Chelsea, and The Magic Faraway Tree for Tiegan. Chelsea then went on the laptop for a while, and Tiegan played with our Russian Dolls sets, and finished off her Hama Bead Pony.

Tiegan with Hama pony

I just need to buy some of the hama paper stuff so I can iron it for her.

After a picnic type lunch in the garden, we set off for a stroll around the village. We had a birthday card to post for a friend of ours, and then we wandered around the country lanes seeing what we could see. We ended up at the playground where we played for a while and I had photo opportunities...

My Gorgeous Boy







Once we returned home, tired but happy, we spent time in the garden; Trampolining, badminton, tennis and cricket playing, chalk drawing, bird watching, and bug hunting.

Hunting bugs


I really hope that this is the turn of good weather now, I long for lots more days like this!


  1. What camera do you use? Your pictures look really good. :) I'm thinking about blogging and taking pics and could use a new camera.

  2. Thank you so much for the card!! :)))))

    You should have come in!! :))

  3. I am reading Alice in Wonderland with my youngest son, although he has raced to the end ahead of me! :)
    And he read Through the Looking glass!

    I was determined to read the original before I see the new movie version.

  4. You don't need the proper hama paper just some parchment/greaseproof paper will do the job just fine.

    Lovely pictures xxx

  5. your kids are gorgeous xx