Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Almost a week has passed...

So what have we been doing? 
Thursday was our home-ed group.  This week it was at our house, and it was first time we incorporated an art workshop.  The theme was "Poorman's Pewter" which was a totally new technique for all of us (other than the workshop tutor Sarah of course - one of our very talented friends).  I shall have to photograph the results and add them here tomorrow.  We had a couple of new faces pop along which was so lovely.  One was Sarah's mum.  It was nice to meet the person I have heard so much about, and so interenting to get a "Nan's" perspective of home-ed.  I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with her.  I also spent much of the time talking to a new (to me) home-ed mum.  She had popped along to the group once before when I was ill and couldn't attend.  Since then we had communicated a little via email, so it was lovely to finally meet and be able to chat in real time.  I have since heard that her daughter had a wonderful time at the group which I always love hearing :)

On Thursday evening we had guests arrive.  My father-in-law, his friend, and my brother-in-law.  They stayed overnight, then the former two went to Taunton, whilst my Brother-in-Law is staying with us for a couple of weeks at least.  As much as I enjoy having house guests, it does mess up our routine a fair bit as the children prefer to spend their time (understandably) with their not seen often relative and less time doing the normal stuff.  It's frustrating in a way as I haven't been able to implement our new plans as I would have liked :(

Friday, we had a busy day with my parents.  They were doing the last of their packing and we went over to visit and relieve them of the contents of their freezer.  All donations gratefully received *grin*.  We had a lovely stroll around our old town of Dawlish, enjoying revisiting the stream and the wildfowl, wandering down the seafront, admiring the views, and generally reminiscing about the "old days".  I kicked myself for not taking the camera - a lesson learnt.

The weekend was warm.  Lovely and warm.  This meant lots of outdoor time for all of us.  On Saturday I managed to spend a fruitful few hours sorting out my craft room which was heavenly in a strange sort of way.  I love going through and organising my stuff, it often reveals hidden treasures that had been long forgotten and it really sets my mojo juices back in motion.  The perfect ending to the day was a barbeque - no cooking for me and almost no washing up :o)

Sunday included a quick dash out to pick up some shelves for the now organised craft room.  I can't wait for the roof to be done so we can decorate without it being ruined again.  Right now I'm thinking lime green and hot pink.  The children spent the afternoon experimenting with watercolour paints and watching various nature documentries on the Eden channel.

Monday was a busy day.  The "men" (Husband, brother in law, and Joseph), went fishing.  They came back and made us all very jealous with tales of a huge seal that had paid them a visit.  What a photo opportunity that would have been!!!  Apparently the seal is a well known figure to the area so I made them promise we would all return at a later date.  In their absence, us girlies (and Callum) did some painting and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves :)  I painted a cupcake tree - first use of acrylics, first attempt on canvas, first painting from scratch.  I can't draw, but I would dearly love to improve so have set myself that goal.   I shall photograph my first art piece tomorrow to share with you - it's not wonderful, but I love it.

Tuesday was spent shopping for more art supplies - we've all been bitten by the arty bug :)  I picked up another water colour paint set for Callum and Tiegan so they have one each.  They have both become a little possessive over their sets which is funny as it reminds me of how protective I am over "my special art/craft stuff".  Whoops.  I picked up a few new brushes, some sponges, spray bottles, etc - I'm full of ideas for mixed media artwork - all very exciting.   We also visited the library, then read what we had gotten.  Chelsea is fascinated by world religions at the moment so that has taken up a lot of her attention.

Today has been one of those wonderfully blissful perfect days that I just adore.  We headed on over to my parents first thing to pick up the last few donations and give them our key.  It was so strange seeing the house with so little furniture in it - most of it has been shipped over to Spain now.  Made it all seem so real somehow.  We then nipped into town on the way home to pick up some picnic food.  Scrummy :)  We decided to head back to the place where the boys had seen the seal on Monday.  Us girlies tagged along with sketch supplies, cameras, a book to read, and lots of food.  The boys took their fishing gear.  Sadly the seal only made a brief appearance.  Callum saw it and was so surprised and thrilled he couldn't speak - "It's a S...S....S....Seal!!!"  was all he could say.  Tiegan saw it and exclaimed it was huge.  Chelsea was so excited she said it was wonderfully cute and amazing.  Me?  Well, I missed it.  Again.  So disappointing as I actually had the camera, but didn't get across the cliff to the others quick enough.  Ho hum, there's always next time...

The children had a wonderful time.  There were rockpools to explore...
Carefully does it - Rockpooling at Hope's Nose


Food to stuff faces with...
Picnic Time

Paths to explore...
Follow Me - Hope's Nose, Torquay, Devon.

Views to admire...
Admiring the View - Hope's Nose, Torquay

Nature's beauty to seek out...
Breathtaking with her Beauty

Fishermen to learn from...

Cliff edges to walk too close to (and panic mummy with)...

Hope's Nose - Torquay, Devon

Blissful. Truly Blissful.
Isn't life just wonderful?


  1. Anonymous11:40 pm

    That looks so beautiful. Glad to hear life is good. x

  2. Such beautiful photos, and those places must be like heaven on earth.

    I wish I could go there with my children. Oh well, we can dream...

  3. Hey Jules,

    Send some of that gorgeous weather my way will you?! It's woolly tights, long sleeves and jackets up North!
    Fantastic pictures!
    Hugs San xx

  4. Lovely photos as always.

    I hate it when I go out and forget my camera, even more I hate it when I go out and forget my camera and also forget that both my mobile phones (work and personal) have got reasonable cameras on them and that I bought them in case I ever forgot my camera...

  5. It looks to me like life for your family is truly wonderful. It sounds like you had an exciting and busy week. It is always nice to get a lot done. The good thing about you not seeing the seal is that you can return there again and take a chance of seeing it. The landscape is breathtaking and the exploring looks heavenly.