Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bored of all the happiness....

Ok, I'm not really - but it does make thinking up titles for blog posts a little tedious. Nothing particularly outstanding has happened today, but I am desperately trying to get into the daily blogging habit so I have a decent record of our days for future reference.

My Sunday morning was started with a visit from Tiegan as I lay in bed thinking about what the day would have in store for us.  Tiegan came in carrying an upturned cup on a piece of paper and proudly announced that she had caught a spider in her wardrobe.  Great detail was expressed as she explained the ordeal that had to be suffered to get the said spider beneath the cup, but she was proud of her achievement and so was I.  Spider was duly released unharmed into the garden - no doubt to return at some later date.

Compared to that excitement, the day was rather dull.  It seemed to pass rather quickly, but it was enjoyable.  We went over to my parents to pick up some more bits and pieces, and I got dragged into going through the palava of selling dad's car via Auto Trader.  Oh joy.  Originally I was just going to take the pictures and show dad how to email them across to the AT office tomorrow, but me being me asked if there was a way you could book an advert on the website instead of over the phone as dad had planned.  3 hours later and the advert was booked complete with photos of inside and out.  What an exhausting process, I'm glad I won't be doing that for a long while - if ever!

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Nanna and Grandad household, Callum was pleading starvation and making my mum feeling utterly guilty at the fact she had no goodies to offer him.  His cries of "I'm hungry" echoed out from every crevice, coupled with his hand rubbing his tum.  Now, as his mum, I have become rather immune to his pleas as I learnt long ago that he is just a constant garbage bin who will eat and eat and eat if given the chance.  That's not to say he is greedy - far from it actually.  He is the only one out of my four who will leave some sweets in a packet if he feels he has eaten enough.  Just sometimes he likes to try it on a bit to see if there are any nice cakes or biscuits going - especially when we are somewhere such goodies are usually in plentiful supply.    He had to make do with some buttered toast today :o)

I did hear a little bit of "testing" going on.  My mum asking Callum what the number 12 was on the box.  I heard him reply correctly then my mum sounding amazed and making a huge thing out of him getting it right.  She said she was expecting him to say 1 and 2 as separate numbers.  Oh dear, she really doesn't know anything about him at all.  Had she questioned him further (I am glad she didn't of course, I hate my children being tested by anyone), she would have soon found out that he is fully capable of reeling off all the numbers on a 24hr clock, and counts to over 100 with ease, verbally and through use of visual numbers.  He has done this for well over a year - probably nearer 2 - and I find it quite laughable that his own Nan should hold him in such high esteem for knowing the number 12.  Oh, and by the way mum, he knows the names of all letters of the alphabet too...

Once back home the car was unpacked and Cottage Pie was prepared.  As that was cooking Chelsea asked if she could read a few chapters of Alice in Wonderland.  The other three played in the garden.  They have put the two mattresses from the boys old beds on to the trampoline as it "gives added bounce".  I think they just wanted extra comfort as they lazed around in the sunshine personally, there was certainly lots of giggles and chatterings, but not many energetic bounces in sight.

After dinner we headed off in various directions - wii playing, playstation games, and computer time.  We watched a car restoration programme on TV and all chattered about what our ideal car would be and what gadgets we would want in it.

Callum went off to sleep in his own bed again - yay!  Once peace and quiet hit the household, I started putting together my H.E folder. I've got a printable record of our daily life, inspirational quotes relating to home-ed, articles I've enjoyed reading (mainly related to unschooling), and ideas for future activities.  It's coming together quite nicely.

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