Monday, April 12, 2010

A Day out at Decoy

The weather was glorious, just perfect for a day in the great outdoors, which is fortunate really as that is just what we had planned.  Armed with bags full of picnic lunches, nature books, camera, and children, we set off for a day at Decoy Park.

This place is only a 10 minute drive away, and I say the same thing every time.  We must make more of an effort to go more often.  Why is it that we find it so difficult to fully appreciate the places on our doorsteps?  Anyway, I digress once again so back on to the tales of today.

The weather was pretty much perfect.  Blue skies and sunshine, with a cool breeze that kept the sweat and heatstroke at bay - much appreciated.  We managed to nab a prized spot under the "bandstand" shelter, where we could sit in comfort on the benches and spread ourselves out.  Children laughed, ran, climbed, and played.  Parents chatted, laughed, smiled and exchanged views.  The play park was a real hive of activity (to be expected as it is school holidays in these 'ere parts), but there was a lovely friendly feel to the proceedings.

Lunch was ravished and enjoyed (judging by the empty containers that were rapidly packed back into the bag for the journey home), and we all soon felt it time to stretch our legs and go for a relaxing stroll around the lake.  I suddenly remembered that I had my camera with me at that point, so thought I'd best put it to good use. 

We visited the lake...
I want to spread my wings

Time to go our separate ways...

Catch my best side...

We admired beautiful and tranquil surroundings and imagined it to be a place where fairies meet in secret and play, whilst listening to birds singing high in the treetops.

Where the fairies play...

And we just enjoyed fun in good company...

Showing the boys how it's done

In other news we have read books, written letters, talked to people on the phone, arranged a few future playdates, and had wii/computer/playstation time at various intervals.

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  1. What a beautiful part of the world you are in!