Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good Company, Yummy Pizza's, Scrumptious Choccie Cake...

A gal's day doesn't get any better than that!

Today we headed over to spend the day with friends.  It was our first visit to their house, and I'm pleased to say we found it okay and arrived on time.  Those that know me will know what a miracle that statement is *grin*. 

We were made extremely welcome by all, especially their gorgeous dog who was just too cute for words.  The children dashed off into all corners, whilst I made myself comfy and enjoyed a lovely natter.   Now, this is a new friendship, but it's one of those friendships that just feel right.  Immediately at ease and relaxed in each others company - the best kind.

Judging by the giggles and noise that was bellowing through the fabulous space they called home, good fun was had by all.  From what I can gather, there were lots of role-playing games going on, various wii-challenges, play at camping, and good ol' hide and seek.  We prepared home-made pizzas for lunch, with the children each choosing to add their own toppings, then finished off with a rather yummy chocolate cake that Chelsea had baked to take.

Whilst all the children were keeping themselves entertained, I was able to have a good chat and look through S's Art Books. Wow, her work is just stunning, such a variety of techniques and colours,  I was truly in awe. What is rather exciting, is that it has been agreed that S will host art workshops at the HE group I help to run, so I (and the kiddies of course!) can hopefully learn how to do some of the fab stuff she showed me.  Watch this blog for future show off posts, I mean pictures of our arty creations.

The return home was a little more eventful, with lots of waiting around, stopping in traffic, frustration, then a complete turn around to pick up the person I had been initially hanging around for.  Now I know how my dad felt during his daughter's taxi days!

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