Thursday, April 01, 2010

Group Again

It was home-ed group today, based at our house. One by one the families arrived, and our home was soon filled with giggles, chatter, laughter and fun.
The children dashed from room to room. Girls full of smiles as they dressed as princesses and held hands. Boys, with eyes bright and sparkling, were excited at the thought of scoring goals or defeating monsters.
The garden was put to good use - trampolining, swingball, ride-on-toys and role playing games featured heavily in the action.
Back inside and there was playdough to mould, Playstation games to master, board games to win, and friendships to cement further. Food is shared, and experiences talked about.
One of the girls had recently had a birthday, so her family brought along a yummy cake in celebration. We all gathered together to sing Happy Birthday before sharing a slice.

I am very much looking forward to the weather remaining warm and dry, and envisage us all sharing group time in the garden in future weeks.  The next group meeting on Monday 12th, is at a nearby park weather permitting :o)

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