Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mundane, dull, dreary - but the sun still shone...

Not alot to report today.  It wasn't the best of home-ed days, I can't say anything particularly fruitful happened in the "education" department, but there was no moaning, tantrums, or sadness so can't complain.

The morning was spent rushing around from one car part store to another, in the vain hope of buying needed parts for our car within budget.  Our motor is booked in for it's MOT on Wednesday, and I'm really really hoping and praying that it will pass with little bother.  Last year's hefty shock £700 bill crippled us and if I'm honest, financially, we've probably not quite recovered.

Once all the nasty car shopping stuff was done, we did manage to get in a little light relief elsewhere.  We visited a pet store and Tiegan got back onto the subject of having her own pet rabbit/s. We discussed it a few days ago. Tiegan had noticed that there were lots of Dandelions in the garden, but that we no longer had a rabbit to feed them to.  She said it with such sadness.  It really tugged at my heart strings, and the animal lover inside me wanted to leap out and shout that we would solve that situation by getting a new one.  That was the old me, well, the not so long ago me.  This new person is a little more sensible (I hate that word).  I have realised I have enough to do.  I have four beautiful children and a wonderfully caring husband whom deserve my undivided attention.  I have a house to make a home, learning to facilitate to the best of my abilities, and a dog (and budgie) that needs daily love and care.  I have to prioritise my time.  Of course any animal would become an educational experience, but I really don't want to be tied down to more cage cleaning, fur brushing, and the daily feed and watering routine.  I've been there, done that - at one time with 17 caged animals - it became a chore. No matter how much I loved them, how much I adored them, how much I couldn't live without them, it was a relentless chore nonetheless.

But, this is Tiegan I was talking with.  The same 8 year old that worships animals just like her mum.  The one that brushes Kira, our springer, every day.  She feeds her, provides daily fresh water (frequently during the day in the summer), without adult prompting.  And, although she can't walk Kira alone, she comes along on every single walk we have.  So, we talked.  I asked her if she would like a rabbit (well, two, I don't like them being alone), of her own one day.  We talked about responsibilities, how caged animals rely on us greatly for their every need.  How she would need to feed, water, clean out, play and cuddle, brush, and ensure exercise time every day. How she would need to check for any signs of ill health.  She knew all this really.  Past experience and the horror stories we have been witness to with our rescue cases have shown her that animals are a huge responsibility.  I told her that when she felt ready to take on such a responsibility she could come to me and we would talk again.  We left it at that, and the next time I saw her she had found our rabbit care books and had her head tucked firmly inside them lapping up the knowledge.     

Then today, the subject reared it's head again, and she said that she thought she was ready.  She had even broached the topic with her 12 year old brother and asked for his help and support.  Sounds like sensible thinking to me.  Obviously, I'm not naive. I'm fully aware that I will have full responsibility of any new furry member we offer a forever home to - but I have to say that I am very proud of Tiegan's approach and the serious thought she has put into things.  She is such a deep thinker.  I've said we will start looking around for the perfect bunnies for her.  She is happy, and so am I.

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