Friday, April 16, 2010

Organising, rearranging, sunshine, and smiles.

I've had a good day.

Started off with a good ol' rearrange.  The house is in dire need of painting throughout, but finances won't stretch to that just yet, so to bring some life back into the place the next best thing I find is a furniture change around.  We are now the proud owner of a "Breakfast Room".  Well, actually, we've always been proud owners of such a room - it was there in black and white on the estate agents details afterall.  But, during the four years of us residing here, the room has been multi-functional.  It has been a "school" room, a craft room, an added bit of kitchen room, and dare I admit it, a plain old junk room.  Now, it contains a chest freezer, the fridge/freezer, the dishwasher, and table and chairs.  I like it.  It looks tidy.  I can see space.  It feels nice.  It might even have the pleasure of my company for breakfast in the morning, I can sit and overlook the Palm Tree. Actually, if the sun is shining, I may well be tempted outside to eat breakfast.  Then I can sit almost beneath the said Palm Tree.  I'll have to watch out for bird poop though.  Pigeon poop is pretty easy to see though...

The dining room was pretty much sorted the other day when I declared war on the bookcases.  They have been moved, dusted, books sorted through, and generally tidied up.  Board games have been found a home, lego has a new storage place, train set has been washed and put in a new unbroken box, and the playdough has been released from it's storage drawers and made more easily accessible in a box under the small table.  All the dried stuff and empty tubs have been thrown away.  Should have done that ages ago.  The corner of the dining room looks tidy - it still contains lots of "stuff" but it's tidy in it's place stuff.  I don't like hiding things away in cupboards.  Although aesthetically pleasing to the eye, in this household it's very much a case of out of sight, out of mind.  I've known the children to completely ignore books, games, microscopes, science kits etc, for six months or more, purely because they've forgotten they existed as they were "hidden away".  My plan is now to regularly rotate items on view to ensure a fresh selection is available throughout the year.  Again something I should have done ages ago.  Can you tell what a great procrastinator I am?  I really need to work on that. *sigh*

I've placed a small drop-leaf table in the corner of the lounge with a chair.  I envisage this will be a multi-purpose place - reading, writing, gaming, etc - plus it will be a great place to lay out food during our "picky party" dinners.  Usually we make good use of the window sill *grin*.

Hmm what else?  Oh, I tidied my craft room again.  It's not perfect as there is lots of car boot stuff being stored down there, but it's tidy-ish and usable so that's good enough for me. 

In other news, my dad sold his car!  First person that contacted him, came to view it, and put a deposit down immediately.  I'm not surprised, I loved that car, if I'd have had a spare £4,000 I'd have jumped at the chance to have it - but obviously I don't, so I won't.  I think I should get commission though for the 3 hours it took for photos and the ad write up, they obviously did the trick *grin*.

Right, I've told you what I've done throughout the day to wear myself out, but what about my little kidlets?  Well, the bigger kidlets were a great help with the moving stuff.  They also spent lots of time in the garden.  I managed to remember to take pictures!

We replenished the bird provisions:
Feeding Time

We bounced:


and again:

Trampoline Action

We used our patio as paper:
Drawing board

and we amused/were amused by Kira our dog:

love you mum


What I didn't manage to take a photo of was the three older children doing a science experiment to see how much pollution was in the air, Tiegan reading (as always), Callum playing on the Playstation and enjoying having it all to himself for a change, and the girls baking more Cheese Muffins as yesterday's vanished a little too quickly.

Life is so very very good :o)

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  1. Anonymous10:49 pm

    I love the busy trampoline picture!
    & Cheese Muffins? Nice!

  2. Anonymous11:55 pm

    I so get the out of mind out of sight thing - it's the same in our house - but your rooms sound lovely.

  3. Oooh, I love a good decluttering/organizing day! It feels so good when you're done. We tackled the garage last weekend and I tackled a basement storage room last week. Both were overdue and now look great!

    I love the photos you posted. Your children (and dog) look very happy!

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  5. such a frenzy of decluttering!
    BTW love the picture of your dog!!!
    Love the bouncing this is a favourite with our family too!

  6. You sounds very organised Jules!

    I have yet to finish the boys bedroom that I started last week... (mind you I think I can be forgiven as I only have evenings and am painting it too, lol!)

    Loving the photos x

  7. Thanks for your comment on my blog, and congrats on getting so much decluttering/organizing done! I'm always working on that. Sounds as if your kids have been having lovely times outdoors, too =)

  8. read your story and still none the wiser as to if i should take my 13 year old out of main stream school. he is being bullied and i have just come off the phone to his year head which has left me feeling really disheartened that it is just gonna keep happeneing. i will do more fact finding but your story and photos really are beautifull and heart warming