Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Strange day with lots of highs but an almighty low - and our Outdoors Day 2.

Here is my entry for our day 2.  The children did some woodworking stuff with their dad today in the garden.


Please ignore the mess behind them, we are sorting out our planting pots and containers :o)

We have had a relatively nice day today.  Everyone was in good moods which always helps with the flow of things, and the children flitted from interest to interest.  From what I can remember:

Tiegan has read chapter books (mainly Enid Blyton, still very much her first love), played hama beads (symmetrical patterns today), wrote a letter, helped cook dinner, did woodworking with her dad and brother, played on the trampoline, read an Egyptian non-fiction book and asked questions (some of which we then googled together for answers), drew a few pictures and made a bookmark, played on Club Penguin, talked to me about Spiders (still an ongoing interest) - then went and caught one in a glass to show me (and it was rapidly released, no spider was hurt in this recollection blog post), set up a blog of her own (which I will link to in due course when she is happy with it),  watered the flowers, brushed and played with the dog (who is still meant to be taking it easy *sigh*), played with her toy cooker and dolls, and wrestled with her brothers (she's the boss).

Chelsea has spent time on the laptop researching different types of moulds (we found some behind the filing cabinet), helped me rearrange the dining room (moving the fridge into the back "breakfast room", moving the bookshelf, dusting the books etc), watched documentaries with me this afternoon - The Blue Planet, Mount Vesuvius, and Madagascar - leading to lots of interesting questions and further research will ensue, discussed the book "Radical Unschooling" by Dayna Martin with me - enlightening to get a young person's perspective, talked about us both keeping a notebook along similar lines to a vision board (more on this at a later date I think), hama beaded, trampolined, cooked dinner, worked through a few pages of a maths text book, and read various non-fiction books.

Joseph has read a few British History books, spent time on the laptop searching for more information on various topics - football, Tudors, WW2, Wrestling, played on the trampoline, helped his dad sort out a greenhouse base (it had to be unbolted and dug out), did woodworking with his dad including the measuring and marking, watched a documentary on "Killing Hitler" (not as gory or horrific as the title suggests, but useful for Joe's war project), worked through a few pages of a Biology text book, researched what vegetables he would like to grow in our containers, and played with the dog.

Callum has looked at a few books and read a few words such as and, the, then, he, she, sun, as, at and tree (he then decided that he would just make up his own story with the use of the pictures), he's done lots of counting - he loves counting (and subsequently is naturally understanding taking away) - he counts fingers (his own and anyone else's adding us all up) and hama beads, sweets, my bottles of nail varnish, fruit, books, leaves he finds in the garden, stones, ants on the floor - you get the idea.  Callum has also drawn some chalk pictures on the drive, looked for bugs, found wiggly worms (again nothing harmed, just much admired), played on the trampoline, and wrestled with his brother and on the Playstation.  Here he is with re-adjusted t-shirt to be like "Kurt Angle" the wrestler apparently, and yes, he did it all by himself and is very proud of it too (as his face shows) *grin*.

Wrestler in the making - apparently

Chelsea, Joseph and Tiegan all baked a chocolate cake to take to friends tomorrow.

Kids in the Kichen

The day was tarnished when we found out the very sad loss of a precious baby boy.  Although I do not know the family personally, I do feel that I "know them" through blogland and our common interest of home-education.  I have the utmost love and respect for the family concerned and was heartbroken to hear of their devastating loss.  Our love and thoughts are with all involved.  Words are not enough to express the sadness. 

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  1. such a sad end to a lovely day, julia your children as so beautiful xx