Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunny Saturday- but such frustrations!

Another happy and sunny Saturday to report.  Just stayed at home, pottering around the place, doing lots but seemingly accomplishing very little.

I started the morning with an online shop - I couldn't believe the prices, it seems they have crept up and up over the weeks.  Has anyone else noticed?  I ended up doing online shops in 3 different stores and choosing the cheapest, then cancelling the other 2.  Frustrating and timewasting, but we are really hard pushed to a budget and every penny really does help - annoyingly.  It took 2 hours and I really could think of a hundred things I'd have rather have been doing, but hey ho. I guess providing food on the table is pretty important huh?

After that palava, I felt kind of drained, which is sad as I'd woken with such an enthusiasm today.. That's a rare feeling of late.  I forced myself to actually get up and do something - it was that or fall asleep on the sofa and accomplish zilch.  So I did some cleaning - and (you will laugh) yet more rearranging.  Husband remarked that the kitchen has been rearranged more in this past week than during the entire 4 years we have lived here.  Ooops - but it does look nice *blinks*.  I also went through two boxes full of stuff that I had kept just in case.  Just in case one day, sometime, they may be useful for our home-education journey.  There were posters, teacher magazines, educational catalogues, Wildlife Trust magazines, notebooks full of plans - pages and pages of plans.  I've sorted through it all and got it down to just one box.  I want to flick through the magazines before deciding if they are keepers or get ridders, and put up the posters.  I procrastinated - a job for tomorrow.

The children pottered around and about enjoying a relaxed start to the weekend.  Chelsea helped with a couple of chores without me asking, which was wonderful.  The others did reading, drawing, playdough play, lego, train sets and laptop stuff.  Chelsea, Tiegan and Callum made Cheese Muffins just before lunch which seemed to go down very well.  I shall have to ask Chelsea if she would mind sharing the recipe.

After lunch Joseph, Chelsea and I sat down to watch Museum of Life.  Fascinating enthralling stuff.  So fascinating that we ended up watching 3 hour-long episodes and only stopped due to Doctor Who (who could miss an appointment with the Daleks?!) Even then I had to promise we would continue watching the other episodes tomorrow. 

The weather has been rather lovely today - mainly bright and sunny, very warm, but with an odd overcast dull moment which made us all gulp.  We would love this warm weather to last please, we are very much enjoying our outdoor freedom.

Callum and Tiegan have been playing a little role-play game which was very cute.  They ran a bakery with cafe, so had the little cooker out on the patio and served us with lots of goodies.  Oh, how they didn't like awkward customers!  And if you didn't say please and thank you, well let's just say the displeasure was obvious *grin*.  Very cute.  I thought I'd add a couple of pictures for the great outdoor challenge.


Dinner for 2

Callum (almost 5) had a fiercely independant moment today when his little world seemed to collapse around him at a fearsome rate.  The cause?  He wanted to pour out his own milk.  Ok, no problem - except we buy milk in large 6 pint bottles, and it was newly opened - this of course means very heavy for little ones to lift and pour.

That's ok I stupidly thought.  We can pour some milk into a jug, then Callum can pour his own drink from the jug.  Oh, I'm so good at problem solving :)  Only, I'm not.  Not this time.  That was a really dumb idea.  How do I know?  Because Callum told me so - not so much in his words, but definitely through his actions. I got a little hint that all was not well, when the bottle of milk was rapidly launched across the room during a moment of utter defiant distress.  I got a major hint when (as I was frantically rescuing the cruelly treated milk bottle, desperately trying to humanely trap the milk that was rapidly trying to escape under the protection of the huge chest freezer), Callum marched defiantly to the sink and proceeded to tip the whole jug of milk straight down it.  Argh - must breathe.  I was cross - at his behaviour, and at the waste - but even so, I could understand the little man's frustration.  He is thought of as such a "big boy" in so many ways.  He no longer wears nappies.  He was (dare I say it?) a "lazy" toilet-trainee.  He simply couldn't be bothered with this going to the toilet malarky.  Well, why bother when you can just go where you stand and someone else does all the cleaning up?  I knew well enough not to force him and he would do it in his own time.  With no nursery/pre-school/school pressures looming, I was able to do just that.  Result is that he went from nappies to being dry day and night within a fortnight.  I think we had just 2 night time accidents.  I'm so very glad that I learnt long ago not to give in to conformity pressures.  Life is much simpler all round when we just go with the flow and do what is right for our own individual needs.  In other "big boy" news, Callum is sleeping in the top of the bunk bed - in his own bed, alone (his choice).  It's been a whole week today :o)  It's still odd to go and do the kiss goodnight and tuck-up as they are sleeping routine - 4 children in 4 separate beds - just doesn't feel right!  He is also starting to read, and wanting to write, and is helping more and more with the chores.  So, it's very easy to see that not being able to pour your own drink must be desperately frustrating for a little man.  Afterall, he has seemingly so much worldly experience under his belt!  I will have to think of some sort of compromise - maybe buying a smaller bottle of milk and refilling it regularly for our use?  I think as long as we all use it when he is around so he doesn't see it is especially for him, that may suffice for now.

Dearest Callum had another meltdown tonight just before bedtime.  This time it was due to the Playstation and not being able to win a game.  He cried. He sobbed.  He broke his heart.  His emotions were a mixed confusion of sadness, frustration and anger.  Unpleasant.  It's so unlike him.  I actually wonder if there was more to it - perhaps over tiredness?  Perhaps illness?  I guess we shall see tomorrow.  I sat with him on the bedroom floor and cradled him in my arms.  Once the tears had stopped flowing we talked.  We talked about games, and how we all liked to win, but sometimes it just wasn't possible.  Sometimes we lose, but we learn from those losses.  We said it would be boring if we won all the time - there wouldn't be any challenge, it would be too easy, games would be rapidly completed and little satisfaction would be gained.  We also said how nice it was that other people won sometimes, so that they too could get that same sense of pleasure and joy of winning that we get.  Callum understood.  I was so proud of him.  He listened, he told me his thoughts, he shared how it made him feel, and he took on board what I was saying.  We hugged.  He smiled and I left the room.  10 minutes later he came downstairs and gave me a hug.  Just because he loves me.  Mothering moments don't get much better than that.

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