Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ever Thankful

I have so many ideas buzzing around my head right now, but it’s all good!  More about that another day.  Today in contrast has been rather peaceful.  The sun has shone for much of the time, but even during the dullest of moments the heat didn't slacken.  The temperature was pretty much perfect for me today, blissful.

I really want to do more outdoor activities with the children this year. I’ve gained lots of inspiration from sources such as Greenparent magazine. I now have dreams of making mini-rafts to sail in the stream, scarecrows for our garden, and a fairy garden - the latter of which Tiegan and Callum are now desperate to do.  The scarecrow seems to appeal more to the older two.  We have made a start on both today, gathering a few bits and pieces together.  We have to head out tomorrow to go in search of other necessities.  Should be fun.

My general state of mind has improved greatly recently. I’m full of positivity and this makes me feel uplifted and happy.  I feel a deep happiness and contentment right now, the likes of which I have never experienced before.   I feel as if I am finally beginning to be the person I want to be.  I naturally now focus on good things, and surround myself with positive influences.  I’m grateful for all I have, and look at ways to make the most of every situation. I have made some wonderful friends, both online and in real life, and my days are now far richer.  I smile at the little things, make sure I laugh a big fat belly laugh at the bigger things, and take each day as it comes.  For me personally, happiness is very much a state of mind that I can actually control to some extent. I have learnt that I can lift my mood if/when necessary and ‘force’ myself to be happy.  This is all new to me.  Hmm, I might set up a new blog to chart my journey...any excuse for more blogging!  :)

So what have we done today?  Now I come to write it down, it doesn't seem alot - and yet the day seems to have been a full and fruitful one :o/   Chelsea received her first book to review this morning, so that was her sorted for a few hours.  She buried her head in the book, only seemingly coming alive to tell me what was going on in the storyline from time to time.  Various games were played by the others.  Cadoo, Scrabble, and Uno from what I recall.  I joined in from time to time, but the children were happy to play independantly whilst I did a few chores.   There was no bickering!!!  Tiegan then sat and read some of her Enid Blyton "Magic Faraway Tree" book whilst the boys and I prepared lunch.  After hunger had been dealt with and tummy's had been filled, we headed off to the local park.  The park is only a 5/10 minute walk away from our house, and we had the whole place to ourselves - the sports field and the playground! Why weren't people out making the most of the dry warm weather?!  I was expecting the play area in particular to have been filled by littlies.  We paddled in the stream, looked for dragonflies and butterflies, identified wild flowers, played lots of role play games (loved the laughter that ensued!), and the children attempted to climb trees.  All in all a very special time that I will look back on with such contentment, I'm just annoyed at myself for not taking the camera.  I thought I'd packed it, but there it was, laughing at me from it's seat on the table upon our return.

On the way home we walked a little further on to a house that has sign displaying tomato and bean plants for sale.  We have been financially pressed this year, so although my head and heart have been longing for a garden filled with home-grown produce, my bank account has been saying that's not possible just yet honey.  Once we know where we stand financially now husband has returned to work, I am hoping to start buying things for the garden and sprucing it up once more.  Anyway, our walk was fruitless this time around as the display sign told us to go around the back of the house and we couldn't find out how lol.  We were all hot and bothered after our park time, so I said we would try tomorrow instead of exhausting ourselves further in searching.  One for tomorrow's list :o)

We came home, gained refreshments, and then went out into the garden. The children rode their bikes, watched ants going to and fro, looked for bumble bees and noted which flowers they seemed to be attracted to, and danced on the trampoline. I sat and started to read "The Modern Pagan" by Brian Day.  I like what I've read so far, it's less spiritual than I was expecting and that works for me at the moment.  Seemingly all too soon, husband arrived home and dinner needed to be dished out and eaten.  Slow cooker Chilli with Baked Potatoes tonight, a firm favourite in our household.

Once dinner had been devoured, and all had been cleared away, we sat for family reading time.  Then the younger two had baths, and it was time for bed.

Happy days :o)

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  1. Sounds like a beautiful day! Congrats on the good mood and improvement in finances (which often go together :)

    Blessed Be,