Sunday, May 30, 2010

Heading for the Hills...

I am happy, content, and smiling. We have had the most wonderful family day on Dartmoor. I feel so lucky to live so close to such a wonderful place. It truly is somewhere special. The changing landscape, the history and legends, the peacefulness, the uniqueness - I just adore it.

We didn't really know what the weather was going to do, but we didn't let that put us off. I can see that now Lee is working 'normal' hours, our weekends will be even more special. No longer will every day be the same. No longer will weekdays run into weekends without a flinch. It feels good, as if we have something to look forward to now. Does that make sense?

So we packed the car with food supplies, drinks, kites, and the dog (and the children), and headed for the hills - literally.

Merrivale View

We drove around for a while, just admiring the breathtaking views. I always feel so relaxed on Dartmoor. I don't know why, but it has a really wonderful effect on me. I am totally at ease visiting most places there. If I could choose anywhere in the world to live, a village on the moors would be absolutely it. One day...

The first place that we stopped was at the visitor centre in Princetown. We saw the nothing short of intimidating Dartmoor Prison. It's so dull, dark, dank, hostile in appearance, but somehow this makes it even more special.   It adds that little something extra to the all the old legends and the history. It makes it seem so much more interesting. It really is a fascinating place, and one we are all keen to know more about. I can feel a visit to the prison museum coming on soon.

We bought a few books and booklets from the visitor centre. The staff there were very helpful, advising on everything - places to visit, things to do, and expected weather conditions. We jumped back into the car full of ideas, and started driving.

We stopped at Merrivale, and everyone stretched their legs.

We smiled...



Laughing more

Laughed some more...


Crossed 'bridges'...

Merrivale - Crossing Bridges


Merrivale - Climbing

Erm, danced?? ...

We danced on stones...

and generally enjoyed family time together. We ate a little, drank a little, and loaded ourselves back into the car to head elsewhere.

Our journey took us onto to Meldon Resevoir.  A stunningly beautiful place.

Meldon Resevoir

The surrounding scenery was breathtaking, we walked up high to get a good view (phew!)...

Meldon Resevoir - Scenery

Next time we visit, we shall be walking down here...

Meldon Resevoir - Lower Stream

But this time we hiked up up and up, then needed to rest, rest, and rest...


Sisters in deep contemplation

Father and Son, admiring the view.

Unless you were the dog - she didn't rest, not at all...


She is resting now though, sprawled out on the sofa snoring :)

We played hide and seek - although, not all that well it seems *grin*...

Playing hide and seek - not very well ...

and talked to gorgeous sheep that happily posed for a photo...

Smile for the camera...

The day whizzed by far too quickly, but we enjoyed every moment of it. Each of the children thanked us for such a great day, which is unusual and meant a lot to me. Happy children means an exceptionally happy mum.

Once home, we all relaxed. The children went upstairs, to read and play on the Playstation. Then after dinner we set up the Scalectric and had some racing fun.


Hot Chocolates soon followed, then bed seemed to be calling :) Mutters from the children wanting to do a project on Dartmoor have echoed throughout the day, so I'm going to flick through the resources we bought today and do an internet search for ideas on what we could do. I love it when the children are inspired by something.

In other news, our caterpillars have arrived ready for our butterfly project. We have 5 little beasties looking like these 2 fellas today - Day one.

Caterpillars - Day 1

Progress reports will be added regularly.


  1. what a lovely day :-) you are lucky living somewhere so beautiful :-) xxx

  2. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Yes, I love Dartmoor too. Little worries and irritations don't seem to matter nearly so much after a bit of time up there!
    It's lovely you all sound so happy. x

  3. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Lovely photos of Meldon with the Hawthorns in bloom. Hope you and family are well.