Friday, May 14, 2010

Just one of those days...

Today has been one of those days that I can't help but smile about.  I have had a wonderful time today, and really feel as if past lingering ghosts have been well and truly laid to rest.  I can't begin to put into words the relief and joy I feel.

Right, enough of the soppy feelings stuff.  I'm guessing you've visited to see what we have been up to today.  Today we went to the beach.  It rained.  At times it was very cold.  We shivered a little.  We loved it.  It's the best day I have had for a long long time.  Coupled with the enjoyment I had yesterday at our H.E group, and well, life is just hunky dory for me right now.  I'm a happy happy gal.

The beach meeting was set up by another of our local groups.  They had had a chat with the Shark Trust and it was arranged that we would meet a representative at a beach in Paignton.  The idea was to look for Mermaid Purses/Egg Cases.   Sadly, such finds were severely lacking, but that didn't stop the enjoyment.  The rep had bought along samples for us all to look at and handle, so the children could get up close and personal - just a shame we didn't find any "naturally" so to speak.

We still came home with a few things though - we could have bought home bagfuls of shells, but instead settled on just a couple of items.


Callum had an absolute ball! I am not sure I have ever seen my little man so happy. He was truly in his element. Want proof? Have a looksie...



Cheeky chap

The views were just beautiful, even on such a dull day.  We are so lucky to live so close to such beautiful landscapes. We have firmly booked a repeat visit to this area (it was our first trip there!), so I'll take more photos hopefully in the basking sunshine one day soon.

We saw lots of these (read as thousands!)...

and thus, a fair few of these...

The children loved having the chance to explore and, well, be children. 


2 out of 4

and it really did prove that to us home-edders, the world really is our classroom.

The world is our classroom

We picnicked (during a rain break fortunately!), and enjoyed chatting.  I learnt so much.  So many people shared their knowledge on various subjects, identifying discovered items, talking about the history of the place and it's fossil finds, oh, and I even had my first taste of wild garlic - YUM!!!   I feel we are very lucky to be surrounded by such lovely, warm, friendly people.  Thanks guys for making our day so very special.

Upon arriving home, I asked Callum what his favourite part of the day had been.  "Throwing sand at you and dad" came his reply.  Erm, ok thanks for that (I will just pipe in here and say that he was throwing wet sand at our boots - no chance of any flying off into our eyes fortunately).  So I asked what his second favourite thing had been.  "Throwing sand at Tiegan".  Hmm, I can see a pattern forming here.  So, I asked "Apart from throwing sand, what else did you like doing..." Much better reply this time :o)  Callum said he had loved exploring all the little pools of water.  He had liked making footprints in the sand and seeing the crabs.  He liked the seaweed alot, and told me about the different shades of green the seaweed had been.  His favourite was the brown-green :o)  He had enjoyed talking to his friends, and liked the "flower" he had eaten (wild garlic).  Jo - if you are reading this, Callum talked very fondly about your two, C in particularly made quite an impression, whereas Chelsea has talked alot about how lovely E is :o)  It was lovely seeing you all again.

Callum and I had an impromptu letter recognition lesson this afternoon too, whilst I was (sorry) sat on the loo!  Callum wandered in (as you do...) and climbed into the (empty) bath.  He proceeded to get all of his sponge letters out of their tub (the type that stick to the side of the bath when wet), and then went through them all one by one, telling me the name of the letter and it's sound.  He noted that the 'b' could actually be a 'd', 'p' or 'q' depending on how you held it, and how the capital 'N' could look like a 'Z' when held in a particular way.  Home-ed at it's very best *grin*.

Tonight I have watched "How to live a simple life" on BBC2 for the first time ever, and loved it.  That's the reason why it has taken me nearly two hours to write this posting :o)

Now it's *me* time, so I'm off to do some sketching.


  1. Sounds great Julia! :)
    Love that BBC-program too! Thanks for sharing on Facebook, so I could watch the second half 'live' (on the comp).

  2. Glad you had a good time Jules, loving the photos.

    Good that ghosts are being laid too. :)

  3. One of our FAVORITE summertime things to do is tidal pool searching!
    I am having a great giveaway on my blog that might be of interest to you so if you have a chance pop on by -


  4. I love seeing what the ocean looks like in your part of the world, and hearing about the things you found there. Lovely blog! I will add this to my list on my blog! In Joy,