Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh Surprise Surprise!

Our day didn't exactly go to plan.  Nothing new there then *shrug*.   A while ago that would have annoyed me.  Not being able to have all of the precious boxes ticked, and the to-do list not obliterated by crossed out words would have seriously made me peeved.  I'd have thought we were failing.  I'd have thought my kids were unmotivated and difficult to teach.  I'd have stressed about the bad job I was doing.  Oh how I'm glad I'm free of those chains!  I'm so glad that my mind has switched to "always learning, life is learning" mode.

Yes, I still have a list.  Not just for the home-ed side of things, but also for my daily chore list.  I need to write things down or else my pea-sized brain refuses to remember things and I get into trouble.   But the list is just a framework.  No, it's actually not even that really.  A guide?  Maybe, but that may suggest we follow it.  My list is just to provide a bit of inspiration.  A back up if you like. Plan B if Plan A fails.  Plan A is allowing the children the freedom to choose how they spend their day.  I provide books, laptops, internet access, CD-Roms, as well as science kits, craft ideas, art stuff - you get the idea.  The children can flit between activities and choose how they wish their time to be spent.  Sometimes they spend large chunks of time indoors, sometimes they spend large amounts of the day outside.  Freedom is a wonderful thing.

So what did we get up to today?  Like I said, it didn't go to plan.  On the list was Muzzy Spanish at Tiegan's request.  We managed that :)  I was actually surprised at how much attention the children paid to it.  It's not something I would have forked out to buy (always viewed the graphics as poor and old fashioned, and the price too high).  Fortunately I was given the Spanish DVD set by a neighbour and for a freebie I love it :)  It was a bit below Chelsea - who just sat giggling at the stupidity of it all (but at 14 that is to be expected *grin*) - but the other three actually sat and watched it, repeating a few words here and there.  For a first viewing I think it went very well.

Bread baking was something else on the list.  We did this :)  Well, correction, Chelsea did this - but that was the plan!  She came up with this....

Chelsea's Bread

Letter writing didn't happen. Neither did the cake baking - but we thought that was ok as we made biscuits yesterday :oP The requested Tudor Project? Erm, I made a start on it - I've bookmarked a few websites, but the children haven't got involved yet. We did manage a trip to the library so that was another task crossed off the list. I'm glad we went as I had ordered a few books and they look great :) I did have a minor heart attack moment when we found a book at home that was due back at the library in March!!! I wasn't very happy, and swiftly checked online to see what the charge would be. I couldn't find the book on any of our accounts though, so obviously it hadn't been checked out correctly. Phew, that would explain why it was still in our possession. We did the honest thing and returned it though, explained, and all is good with the world :) Tiegan saw two of her friends, and had a good natter about Oscar her rabbit. Have I introduced Oscar here yet? I'm not sure I have! Just in case, here is the handsome fella...


He comes in the house and sits on 'his' cushion, happily viewing what's going on around him. We love him :)

Back to the list - we did manage to read some story books, but didn't manage to construct anything with Lego. Instead the children decided to paint and create stuff with clay. I wasn't going to stop them :)

Inca Tumi Knife

An interpretation of an Inca Tumi Knife made of clay.

Tiegan and I went through her Brownie Badge book and earmarked a few of the badges she would like to try.  I need to have a word with her leader as to how it will work with us HEing.  Many of the badges say that teachers can witness the work done for the badge, but obviously that isn't going to happen in our case.  Anyone got any thoughts?

I took an impromptu trip to town to buy a water filter jug.  I am glad I did as the difference in taste is wonderful, and the water is so clear! I had to go on the bus though, something I'm not used to.  The cost of public transport here is so expensive.  A return trip to town for me and 3 children (Callum is too young to pay for at the moment) costs £11.20.  It's only a 10/15 minute drive away - so a 20/30 minute round trip!  I can't afford to do that too often in a week!  I did the usual charity shop book trawl, but only found 2 books! Shocking really.  Couldn't find any of interest to the children, so the two books are mine, all mine :)  They are spiritual/parenting based, and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in.  What attracted me to the first was this quote which directly jumped out of the first page I turned to...

"The delinquents of tomorrow can be spotted as soon as they walk through the door on their first day of school."
     ~  Professor Fred Stone  ~
         Specialist in child and adolescent behaviour, University of Glasgow.

Sad really, but it made me want to find out more.

I had a bit of a wobbly moment walking around town.  Weak legs and dizziness - never good when out and about.  It meant a quick trip back to the bus to head for the safety that is home.  I thought it may be due to hunger, but after 2 sandwiches it was still the same :(  The children went off to paint, allowing me to rest for a while which was most welcome.  An hour or so later and I was feeling fine, but my little 'episode' meant the planned trip to the park was a no no.  Instead  I trundled off to the kitchen to start dinner, and had a little helper join me...

Callum cooking

I love having help in the kitchen - well, most of the time.

We ate outside in the garden again, so blissful!  Really nice having husband come home and being able to hear all about his day at work. We have something to talk about now, it's given us a new lease of conversation again.  I share stories of my day, funny tales of what the children have said or been up to, and he tells me about the things he has done and the people he has met.  It's all good, feels like something stale and stagnant has been refreshed (our communication topics, not our marriage, I love my husband!!)

We had a family reading session and the kids had a mammoth trampoline session before bed. I am loving the light evenings!  Now I'm off to read my Greenparent magazine and flick through my new books to see which I fancy reading first....


  1. hehe we have list too most days, but if other things happen instead of it or we get sidetracked with something else, as quite often happens, that's cool too :)
    Re. the brownie badges, could you photograph Tiegan doing the activity if it's not something that has an end product she can take in and show them? x

  2. I'm exhausted just reading what you've all been up to.
    Wonder if the 'wooziness' was a touch of dehydration because of the heat you've all enjoyed recently - lucky ducks. It's blimmin' freezing here again struggling for double figures LOL! Failing that I wonder could it have been a wee anxiety attack being in the hustle and bustle of the shops etc ... something that happens to me quite regularly, usually with no warning. All I can think about is getting home to my wee cocoon as quickly as possible - after an hour or so it passes and I feel fine.