Thursday, May 13, 2010


It's been a while again huh?  Sorry for not updating :(  We have had a house guest for the past couple of weeks and our home-ed routine kind of went out of the window.  He returned home yesterday, so things are all back to normal.

I'm not going to try to remember all that we have done since my last posting here, I'm just going to start from today and continue from there, hopefully back to daily blogging again!

So today.  Home-Ed group at our house :o)  I love group days, but today was particularly wonderful - I'm not really sure why.  Just had a lovely friendly feel to it.  But then this group always has a lovely friendly feel to it...hmm, I don't know.  Maybe people are just starting to relax more now, ponder ponder.

Same as always - lots of children, lots of noise, lots of fun, lots of chattering - the noise, fun and chattering are describing the adults by the way... *grin*

I just love the fact that you can add a complete mix of families into the pot and have little or no problems.  Home-ed life at it's best.

We had another art workshop with Sarah this week.  The technique was book-making and wow, I learnt such a lot.  Something so simple, yet so effective.  I love having creative friends! 

Sarah had put together two samples of the covers you could make.  One was using the Poorman's Pewter technique that we tried at the last meeting. 

Front Cover (note the hinge effect).
by Sarah.

And the other sample was a fabric covered book:

Created by Sarah.

I am looking forward to having a go at these ready for the next session where we will be learning how to bind them together with cord.

I know I'd promised a couple of photos of the Poorman's Pewter, so here you go - I can't remember who made these, I'm sorry - but I DIDN'T make them so can't take the credit!

Amazing what you can create with a bit of card and kitchen foil eh?? :o)

Whilst we are on an oh so creative note - did you know I've started drawing and painting???  I can't believe it!  I have never - seriously never - been able to draw.  That's why my creativity has always been thrown in a no need to draw anything direction, with rubber stamping and collages etc.  I have wanted to draw for years. I've bought a whole pile of "How to draw" books, art sets, sketch pads etc - all in the hope of suddenly developing a talent for such things, but to no avail.  On April 25th, I got a sudden urge to give it another go, and was very pleasantly surprised at the result!  Since then I have sketched and painted to my hearts content and I can see a style transforming and developing with each picture.  I am loving it!

Now, when I say I have been drawing and painting - please don't get all excited.  I'm not drawing portraits, or landscapes or any such thing that takes real talent.  But I seem to have a rather whimsical, perhaps childlike style.  Wanna see what I mean?  A couple of samples...

A Mother's Love

Green with Envy ATC/ACEO

6 x 4 Postcard Challenge - Umbrella

Sketchbook - Purple Goddess

Both myself and Chelsea have started to keep an Art Journal. I use mine as a way of expressing myself through art, putting thoughts or feelings down on paper, and experimenting with different art styles and ideas. I am really enjoying creating it, and know it is going to be something I treasure in years to come. I have just started on the 3rd page, in it's current under construction form it looks like this...

Journal Page Under Construction

Still needs lots of work done on it - the background, shading, the hair, and some sort of wording, but I like it alot :) If you would like to follow me on my art journey, my art blog can be found at  It's a new blog so not much on there at the moment, but I add to it regularly.

Right, I'm off to make the most of the peace and quiet.  Everyone is in bed (it's 11.35pm here in England as I type this), so I shall relax with the TV or radio on and do some sketching.  Tomorrow we have a lovely day planned.  We are meeting up with a home-ed group and a Shark's Trust representative to seek shark purses on the beach.  I'll be taking the camera, and a (all important) picnic, so look out for another blog posting on our return :)


  1. we were playing catch up at the same time! Love your art, but more than that, love that you've had the courage and drive to keep on trying at it. Offers hope here.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jax - it certainly proves the "never give up" theory doesn't it?! I'm so glad I did give it another go, fresh starting point, no pressure, and wow - so happy with the results :)
    Keep up the hope!

  3. Oooh I could see you as a book illustrator. Lovely :)

  4. Love your art!
    Also love the poormans pewter,would like to have a go for our local group.Is there a tutorial anywhere?x

  5. Love your pics Jules, and that pewter work is fab too.

  6. I love your artwork! Very whimsical and magickal! Congratulations for pursuing a new passion.

  7. Anonymous11:39 am

    Beautiful artwork - both yours and the work from the group. So glad to hear the group is going so well - I think you're wonderful to open up your house like that. x