Sunday, June 06, 2010

All rolled into one...

I can't remember much about Friday. I know that Chelsea did some Maths work, the Uno card game was played, reading was done, the library was visited...other than that I'm at a loss as to what else happened. Oh, I do remember having a bath and being erm, 'pampered' by my 8 and 4 year old. Hmmm, certainly an experience to remember lol.

Our Saturday morning was spent in Torquay where we managed to get new summer shoes for 3 of the 4 children. Child number 4 was far too fussy - I will let you work out which one that may have been... *grin*. We had to leave far sooner than we would have liked as Chelsea had her first bookclub meeting. We were all a little unsure as to what it would be like, or indeed if Chelsea would enjoy it, but it appears she did - very much. The club is jointly run by two adults. One being the author Luisa Plaja and the other being the librarian in charge of the kid's stuff. Chelsea said both were lovely, that she felt very welcome, and she wants to go every month please. Sorted! From what I can gather, they have a book which they take home and read, then they discuss it at the next meeting. As well as this, Luisa offers advice about story writing - this time they talked about getting to know yourself, all good stuff :)

Our Saturday evening consisted of watching Dr Who and the Britain's Got Talent final. We all agreed that the BGT winners was fully deserved, Spellbound were just breathtakingly amazing!

As for our Sunday, we have had such a lovely family day.  The sun has kept shining, the sky has been various shades of blue and grey, but the clouds that have visited didn't share their showers.  Thank you.

Our morning started off with a quick visit to town.  We browsed around the car boot sale held in the multi-story car park, but sadly didn't buy anything.  *Note to self*  Get out of bed earlier next time.  We went to the supermarket where we bought some not so good for you goodies, and stopped off at Argos to buy some play sand to re-stock the sandpit in the garden. Our visit to the supermarket was tear-stained with sadness at the amount of parents shouting and generally being disrespectful towards their children. We were witness to full on shout in their face verbal onslaughts, children being ignored and pushed away due to their 'bad' behaviour, plenty of smacked bums and legs, and generally children being forced to behave in a way that adults find acceptable. Why is it so bad (or surprising for that matter) that a child around the age of 3 finds a trip to the supermarket on a very hot and muggy day so boringly tedious. This said 3 year old (could have been 4...) was forced to hold on to the side of the full to bursting trolley (indicating this had been a looooong shopping trip in a very busy store). For a moment she protested in one way that she knew how - by sitting down. She got told to stand up. She didn't react immediately. Her mum shouted at her to stand up at the same time as dragging her to her feet and subsequently smacking her bum. Said child cried. Mum shouted that she would give her something more to cry about if she didn't shut up. Part of my heart died and I hugged my children close.  I could only mutter "Why?"

We came home to have pizza's for lunch and relax in the garden.  Once the sandpit was filled, we lost the two younger ones.

Simple Happiness

Simple things bring so much joy

We did some family meal planning for the coming week so I could do an online grocery shop, and talked about things we could make to make the garden look more cheerful. We came up with a few ideas which I hope to put into creation soon :) We came inside to book and watch Alice in Wonderland on Virgin Media's Movies on Demand. I love this service. There are lots of titles to choose from.  You pay a similar amount to a rental store, and you can watch the film as many times as you like within 24 hours. You don't have to remember to take or send it back either.   My kind of laziness! We all fell in love with the film (it was the first time we had seen it as we hadn't visited the cinema when it was showing). Think it may well be a future purchase. The kids want to watch it again tomorrow morning, so I guess an easy morning is in store for us all (cleaning and tidying being the exception!)

A quickie update on our buggy friends.  Here are the Caterpillars on Day 8 - I can't believe how fast they grow!

Caterpillars - Day 8

and our Ladybirds on Day 4...

Ladybirds - Day 4

We are loving watching them all grow and develop, it's a real eye-opener.


  1. I so agree with you with regard to other people and their children. I physically cannot go to our local Primark store for exactly that reason. All you see is little kids being dragged somewhere that they don't want to be, they are then completely ignored while mum discusses her recent nightclub date out and then they get a smack should they decide enough is enough! Why can't they leave them with someone or do, as you and I do, online shopping!!!????? Love the bugs by the way!!

  2. Anonymous12:28 am

    Love the ladybird thing - we may have to get some!
    Also I share your sadness at seeing parents treat their children so unkindly. You've made me feel I need to go and wake my kids up and give them a hug!

  3. I love your comment about losing the children to the sandpit. It's wonderful when the kids take off on their own adventures of exploration!