Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Another day done and dusted...

So another day is over, and the children are tucked up in bed. How did we get on today? Actually Ok. The 'experiment' went well, with the children eating normally throughout the day. Again, (rather surprisingly if I'm honest) there was no taking advantage of the new freedom they have been granted. It appears that they ate enough to satisfy themselves, and I guess that was what I was trying to achieve :) All have chosen to eat as a family at dinner time, which has been a welcome surprise.

We started our day with Muesli for breakfast. Now I actually bought this for me, as I really love the stuff (hated it when growing up, but my tastes have changed dramatically over the years). Would you believe that all 4 children love it too?? Typical - I can't have anything just for me *grin*.

Brekkie Time!

Chelsea chose to tidy her bedroom without my prompting - a very rare event! All of the children helped around the house again, without my asking, which has been an interesting concept but a very enjoyable one.

I would have loved to have headed out for a walk somewhere as the weather was so warm and sunny, but we had to wait in for a delivery. It didn't turn up until just after 4pm - annoying. Doesn't it always feel like a wasted day when that happens?   Instead we had to enjoy the blue skies and sunshine over our garden - hanging out the washing (I've got a *thing* about watching it blow freely in the breeze - I know, weird), watering our plants, playing with the dog, and generally enjoying each others company. Each of the children have been on their laptops for some time during the day. Callum surprised me by reading the word "muffin" during a cake making game. We were role-playing using the game as a base, and I was playing the customer. Callum asked if I wanted the cake on the screen, and I said yes as it looked a yummy cupcake. Most disgruntled he replied "It's not a cupcake mummy, it's a Muffin silly!" I asked him how he knew that, and he said that the game had told him. He went back to the start screen and showed me where it said the word Muffin (rather proudly, with a "see, told ya!" expression on his face). The reading adventure begins...

One thing that did arrive first thing this morning was our ladybirds :o) I'm glad that they have arrived safely, and they are now safely installed in their new home. I have never thought about the life-cycle of a ladybird before, so the poster that came with them was a very welcome educational (for me!) surprise. They are certainly going to be interesting creatures to watch over the coming weeks.

Day 1, they look like this:

Ladybirds Day 1

Yep, those incy wincy tiny black specks are actually live baby ladybirds - no, I can't see a resemblance either :o)

As for our dear caterpillars, here they are on Day 4 - their daily growth just amazes me!

Caterpillars Day 4

Tomorrow is home-ed group here, so it will be an early start of cleaning (my job), and baking (Chelsea's job I expect).  I'm hoping the weather will be nice so we can spend time outdoors again.


  1. Love the idea of raising ladybirds Jules, have you got a link hun please?

    Also what is it at the bottom of the caterpillar 'pot' please?


  2. I don't know if you would be interested in this or not but we have an excellent book called Pets in A Jar which although American, has plenty of ideas you can implement in the UK, and it's very responsible - it advises you to only keep animals for a week for study purposes.

    Currently we have caterpillars, snails and tadpoles we are observing.

    Amazon link:

  3. Interesting thoughts about freedom and responsibilty! Benedict at the moment is unable to settle in bed before 10pm, which I think is a combination of lighter nights and the diabetes being pants at the moment! Can't help but think that is very late for a soon to be seven year old. Dave and I don't get any down time at all... like your idea of kids being in their room at an agreed time albeit to read etc. What are the agreed times in your house Jules?
    Thanks for reading, San xx
    PS Take good care of yourself, eh?!!