Monday, June 14, 2010

Doesn't time just fly...

I'm not even going to try to detail what we have been up to over the past week.  All you need to know is that we have had a wonderful time and life is soooooo good!  I will give you a brief round up, but can't guarantee what order the memories will come flooding back in...

I do remember that on Monday we all trundled off to Newton Abbot to take Chelsea to the Orthodontist.  She had her brace checked and all is progressing very well.  We enjoyed having a browse around, buying a few books from charity shops - you know my kind of thing.  What I didn't enjoy is having to pay nearly £12 for us to get there on the bus (due to husband having the car for work).  Newton is only a 15-20 minute drive away, £12 for me and the kiddies to travel is just tooooo much.  I thought public transport was supposed to be cheap to encourage its use!  It's not a journey that I will be able to afford to do very often :(

The following days are a bit of a blur.  I know we have done some project work - Joseph has been looking at  Pirates which has meant lots of research into geographic locations.  It's been good for him as it's not something that usually takes his interest.  We have played various games including The Dartmoor Game which ties in nicely with our Dartmoor Project...

The Dartmoor Game



and Little Explorers (which Chelsea very kindly played "teacher" to help the little ones with their questions)...

Little Explorers Game

Callum has suddenly developed an interest in writing, and sits for ages at a time just drawing letters and telling me about them. His favourite tool of choice at the moment is his mega-sketch thing, but he did put pen to paper on Saturday to write out a shopping list (of sorts!) I love to see children being able to develop these skills in their own time, at their own pace, and not being forced to tick boxes and fulfil age-related expectations.


We have had long rambling walks with the dog, and bounced on the trampoline.

Trampoline Jumping

We have admired nature in our garden...

Nature at it's best.

And formed childhood memories of blowing bubbles on a sunny day...


Childhood memories

We have watched our Ladybirds grow (and eat each other *sigh*) Here they are on Day 6...

Ladybirds - Day 6

And we have seen our Caterpillars prepare for their transformation, here they are on Day 10 forming their J's...

caterpillars - Day 10

*Note* They are now in their chrysalis state and have been transferred to their larger net, I will update with a photo tomorrow.

We have had fun with balloons - these ones are "Rocket Balloons" -they squeal when you release them.


Underwater volcanoes have been created and observed...


Observing Science

Our vegetable growing attempts have been deemed as successful so far, with salad leaves, tomatoes, potatoes, courgettes, carrots, and others, showing signs of developing nicely.

We have read lots, and discussed more. We have hung flags out of windows to support England during the World Cup, and talked about various countries and their locations, climates, traditions, flags etc.

We've enjoyed spending time with friends at a midweek birthday party, and baked lots. We have experimented with new recipes, including fruit muffins and these yummy, scrummy, utterly delicious Tuna Potato Cakes...

Tuna Potato Cakes - Yummy

but perhaps most importantly of all, we made time to just relax and have cuddles with our cuddly best friend...


Today we should have been heading off to a home-ed meet at a local park.  We could have walked, but that would have taken 45 minutes to an hour, and to be honest, I didn't have the energy or inclination!  I really couldn't warrant paying £10 for the bus to get us there (it's not as far as Newton, so would have been a little cheaper), just for a couple of hours at a playground, so we gave it a miss.  This not having a car malarkey is going to take some getting used to :o/  Instead we have stayed at home, walked the dog, enjoyed reading our "Breathing Places" schools activity pack from the BBC (great resource for ladybirds, how convenient!), played in the paddling pool, spent time on the internet (kids on various websites, me creating a new one), face painting, rabbit admiring, Cluedo playing, and bug hunting.  The day has been a good 'un :o)


  1. Tuna potato cakes look yummy! Bus fares not so good:-( Wasn't able to see pics apart from tuna cakes but will pop back to se them later.. x

  2. Lovely pics :-)Where did chelsea get her boots?x

  3. Anonymous11:15 am

    Lovely pictures.
    I think the mega sketchers are great for starting to write. Lucas wouldn't write on anything else when he was learning as it was so easy to wipe away if he "went wrong."
    Oh, and thanks for dropping by my blog and your encouraging comments on the rats! x

  4. All sounds good to me!

    We cancelled our LEA visit, they do not have a good reputation locally. They have a six page report to wade through, courtesy of Postman Pat and his Special Delivery Service!!
    hugs San x

  5. awww gorgeous photos hun xxx