Thursday, June 03, 2010

It's that time again...

Today was that time again.  The time when I open up the doors of my humble abode, and welcome inside with open arms, a bunch of hooligans, ragamuffins, waifs and strays, unsocialised hoodlums, nice respectable home-educating families.  My home gets used and abused, but in the nicest possible way!  The children freely run in and out, playing, chatting, laughing, and cementing friendships.  The adults put the world to rights, feed hungry chirping offspring, seek out hiding children, and get to know more about each other and how their families work.

The sun was shining today, so we spent much of the time outside in the garden.  From what I can gather, the children ran a lot, bounced a lot (trampolines are good for that - although it seemed that yesterday they were equally good for falling off *sigh*), taught each other keyboard tunes, sang the national anthem (I didn't ask, I advise you don't either), played hide and seek, cooed over the rabbit, dressed up in Chelsea's clothes (LOTS of Chelsea's clothes judging by the empty wardrobe and the pile of clothes on her bed), played numerous role-playing games, enjoyed catching 'butterflies' during a game of Elefun, drew pictures, built with lego, helped me hang out my washing, played tea-parties, ate lots of grapes, and generally got worn out :) 

Chelsea gave a (younger) friend of hers a painted canvas that she had made for her as a thanks for all the little gifts she recieves from her:

Chelsea's Art
Chelsea's first attempt to paint on canvas.

The very arty and talented Sarah completed the book-making workshops by showing us how to bind our books together.  We were all on our best behaviour when we saw she was armed and dangerous with a hand-drill, but our fears (and therefore our good behaviour) soon vanished when she attached a hook to it and proceeded to make a cord out of embroidery threads - rather clever!

The next workshop will be paper making, details to follow :)

By 4pm everyone had dispersed and it was time for the tidy up.  My lovely children did an amazing job of helping, and it wasn't long before the floors were hoovered and mopped, the toys put away, the dishwasher filled (and extra dishes washed), crumbs and spills wiped, and the house looked back to normal (Normal = messy, and lived in).   I started to make dinner - cheesy meatballs with jacket potato and savoury rice.  Whilst that was cooking, I sat down for a cuppa and a rest, only for the phone to ring.  At 5pm I was trying to sort out a problem (someone else's not mine - I don't *do* problems thank you very much lol).  By 7pm, the problem still hadn't been sorted, so I had to put another plan into action, that worked, and 9pm I was back home again, tired but happy :) 

Oh, and thanks to those that came bearing gifts today, and to those that came along and brought joy and friendship, I love sharing my life with you all.


  1. Oh Jules
    How I wish I lived in Devon ... *sigh* ... or even just a coupl'a' hundred miles closer. It sounds like you all enjoyed a truly marvellous day further cementing friendships and being ... well happy. My daughter isn't home educated so we wouldn't be eligible to join in, but I would love to lurk up a tree or maybe behind a hedge nearby to watch. (Second thoughts that sounds a bit dodgy! Best not go there LOL!)
    Will just have to content myself with lurking from afar via your blog LOL!
    Naomi is at Alton Towers today with her school as part of a reward scheme they run - left at midnight last night and arrived at 8am - what a beautiful day weatherwise for having fun in the sun. Kind've wish Id sneaked along too.

    Max's Craft Creations
    Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

  2. Beautiful picture Chelsea! Well Done. Sounds like a crazy and amazing day.

  3. wow love the art work!! sounds very erm crazys a good word for the day :-) bet it was fun xxx