Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sooooo hot today!

Today felt hotter than many of late.  I don't know why.  The temperature wasn't hotter, it just 'felt' warmer to me.  It was almost uncomfortably hot, and it made me feel so tired.  So, we didn't do a huge amount in all honesty. 

I got the housework out of the way first thing.  Then the children went off to do their own things for a while:

Tiegan - rabbit care and attention, reading, trampoline jumping, story writing, sandpit playing and paddling pool splashing. 

Chelsea - did some 'work' using one of our Science encyclopedias, researched C.S Lewis, finished reading one of her book review books, drafted the book review, discussed roman numerals with me, spent time in the garden, cooked lunch for everyone, and went on her laptop.

Joseph -  typed up some of his pirate project on his laptop, researched various countries (sparked by the World Cup, yay!), played with the dog, completed a few pages of maths workbook with me, read a couple of chapters of his chapter book, flicked through a history encyclopedia (one of his faves, he often takes it up to bed with him), and made me laugh with his humour - lots :o)

Callum - has tested me with his independent wilfullness (not a bad thing, I must keep reminding myself of that!)  He has played with playdough, practised his handwriting, shown a great interest in learning to read (looks like that journey is well and truly underway now!), begged for lots of stories (armfuls at a time), wrestled with Winnie the Pooh on the trampoline, blown up more balloons and chased bubbles, built castles in the sandpit and rescued bee's from the pool.  

I meanwhile, was kept busy ensuring I was in the right place as and when needed by the various children, and in-between times, building my positive parenting website.  I've also managed to ensure the house has been kept in reasonable condition (ignoring the kid's bedrooms, let's just not even think about those!), three loads of laundry have been washed, dried, and put away (notice the skip of the ironing phase, I no longer iron clothes, only hama beads!) and dinner was cooked and served at a reasonable time.  I'm quite proud of myself considering how tired I have felt.

At 3pm Tiegan requested a trip to the park, so with a little bit of shuffling around we were out the door within 10 minutes.  I expect you are all bored to tears of pictures of my lot at the park, but they like seeing them on here (Callum in particular), so I'm afraid I'm going to torture you further. But before I do, I will just say that the green mark on Callum's face in the pics is down to face paint - not some hideous disfiguring disease, so don't be disturbed :) He is also littered with his own style of "tattoos" at the moment, you will see some evidence of this in the last photo...

The Hair!



Strike a Pose

At Play

Climbing High





Still awake??

In other news, here are our caterpillars, now Chysalids, soon to be butterflies. They are now safely installed in their larger netted home...

Transferred to the net

and they look like this on Day 15...

Caterpillars - Day 15

We have just had a mammoth reading session, and now Tiegan and Callum are sat on the lounge rug drawing.  It's only 10pm after all...

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  1. Can empathise with the tiredness hope it passes over((hugs)).Great pics:-)Looks and sounds like a good day.x