Sunday, July 25, 2010

Catch up time...

So, just what has been going on in the life of the Classroom Free lot?  Well, those of you that know me elsewhere, such as Facebook, will pretty much know what we have been up to.  But, for those that don't, here is a quickie update.

It is taking time to adjust to husband going to work, and me not having a car.  I took for granted the "we will just nip to....friends/park/shop/etc" and now I have to think carefully about the necessity of every journey - that is taking some adjusting to.  I just can't warrant the cost of the bus travel here - £12 for us to go on a 15 minute minute journey is just too much.  I wish that a) the train station in the village would re-open, or b) that the bus service would offer some sort of discount for families.  Husband has contemplated going on the bus to work, but a weekly ticket would cost £22, and petrol is only costing around £15 - hmmmm, not exactly encouragement to take to public transport eh?

So, we have had to get used to being stranded so to speak.  Fortunately we have good friends who have taken the time to visit us.  We also enjoy our walks around the village lanes, and our trips to the Downs and the Park.  We aren't suffering too much!

The biggest change for me I think is that weekends have now become a family-time priority.  With husband out of work, and even when he worked nights, all of our days were pretty much the same.  We didn't have any weekday / weekend routine to stick to like those at school or work do.  Now that's changed so our weekends are made up of spending time together, be it at home or out exploring somewhere.

One recent trip out took us to Cornwall and the beautiful area that is Tintagel.  Tintagel is famous for it's legends connected with King Arthur, and it really is a wonderful inspiring place.  Want to see some pictures?  Oh ok then if you insist....

Tintagel - Fun

Tintagel - Hotel and View

Tintagel - Wow

Tintagel Castle Ruin

Tintagel - Brotherly Love

Tintagel - Guest

We had such an idyllic day, in a wonderful location. Definitely one for the memory bank.

Our vegetables are growing well, the children are progressing fine, and life is pretty much hunky dory really.   Tiegan finished her last day of Brownies before the holiday break up on a real high as she got awarded the trophy for 'Brownie of the Month'.  She hadn't got it before and is chuffed to bits that she gets to keep the trophy for the whole of the holidays :)  She is now a Seconder - have I mentioned that before?  I can't remember.  Her confidence is rocketing which is wonderful to see.  All in all, we have no complaints, our days are filled with love, laughter and happiness and nothing can beat that :)

In other news, we have a new business!  Most of you will already know, but for those that don't, here is a quickie advert :)

I have set up a crafting supplies online store.  At the moment it is geared up for papercrafters (as that is my passion), with clear stamp sets, paper stacks, sticky stuff supplies, embossing and score boards, etc.  I am awaiting for more stock to arrive and upload, but for now here is the link:  I have plans to expand to cover move crafts in the future, such as cross stitching, jewellery making and knitting, but I'm starting with what I know best.

Alongside the store, I am going to be offering more video tutorials (they seem to be in high demand!), a blog for inspiration - including a design team, and for those that live locally - papercrafting workshops, craft club, and delivery service.

All in all it's pretty exciting stuff and something I have been working really hard on.  I would really appreciate your support - not just by buying things from me (although that is a welcome part of things obviously!), but also by joining my Facebook fan page, following me on Twitter, signing up for my newsletter, and visiting my 'business' blog.

All the links to these can be found on the website homepage.


  1. 12 quid !!!!

    That isn't public transport, that is a big taxi with lots of seats.

    I can get both of us from near Milan to Genova by either bus or train and back for that amount.

    I'm not surpised people don't stop driving to work at that price.

  2. Hehehe, I spent a couple of weeks at Tintagel in 2005, the countryside and sea is beautiful.. not so keen on the little village; although the people were immensely friendly.

    Hehehe, I was camped at a little campsite not far from the hotel in your first photo.. and for ages I thought the hotel WAS the castle... hehehehe. I never climbed the steps to the ruins (when I discovered the real castle) as I'm terrified of heights.

    Looks like you had a wonderful time tho.. did you go down to Merlin's cave too?

  3. just a quick note to wish you wonderful success on your new business venture :D

  4. Oh and btw, maybe look at how many trips you'd make by bus as a family.. and compare that as well to the cost of a bus ticket for your hubby.

    Even if it's only a couple of trips a week - it is more economical for him to catc the bus than you and the kids... and less wear and tear on the car.

    But I know what you mean, bus and train fares are high.. ok for Rye and me.. but I for larger families it's extortinate.

  5. Stunning photographs! I hope your new shop venture goes well, what and adventure!

  6. Just taken a tour of the hew web page and the you tube vids, the whole set up is brilliant!! I wish I lived on your doorstep, I could definitely learn a thing or two! I'm mainly a knitter with the odd bit of crochet, sewing and a teeny bit of paper craft, nothing of your caliber though!
    Hugs San x

  7. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Exciting stuff! I really like the look of the new website and think the video tutorials are a great idea. Good luck with it all... xx