Thursday, July 01, 2010

Ladybirds, Volcanoes, Playgrounds, and Purple Hair.

Oh I do feel like a bad blogger.  I haven't been updated as regularly as I like to.  I would love to write at least every other day but life is getting in the way.  I will find a way around it somehow, I like having a record of our days to refer back to and this seems to be the best way that works for me.  Must make more of an effort!

Anyway, I'm back today, and with photos - as always :)

Firstly, our ladybird raising project.  It was our first year (and probably our only time) of raising ladybirds.  As fascinating as it is, at £30 for a plastic tub, two pipettes of food, and the babies - it seemed quite costly.  But, I'm glad we did it, it was a huge learning experience watching the different phases the ladybirds went through, and it was so lovely releasing the survivors.  I say survivors - many babies got eaten.  That wasn't particularly pleasant to view, but hey ho - it's all learning and after all, it would happen in the big wide world.

Release day...

Ladybirds release



The children wanted to start a volcano project, so along with the usual book reading and internet researching, they decided to make a model which is still under construction...

Volcano Model Making

Volcano under construction

We had a great group meeting last Thursday with 16 children and 7 adults. It really brings the house alive! Lots of different things went on - including discussions about UFO's, Mermaids, and Ghostly experiences. There was keyboard playing, trampolining, lots of role playing games, dressing up, origami, drawing, oh the list goes on. The most important thing is that much fun was had, food was enjoyed, and wonderful friendships cemented.

Chelsea seems to have grown up overnight. When did she start looking like this???


I know I'm very biased (and I'm allowed to be!), but I think she looks beautiful :)

She has now dyed her hair again, so it's more purple. Today she looked like this...

Purple haired Beauty

and reading at the park...


Whilst, Callum had fun doing a balancing act...

Balancing Act

and playing with Tiegan...


who also managed a spot of modelling, as per usual...

My princess

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Joseph appeared to be torturing each other...

Torturing each other

All in all plenty of fun was had. It was much cooler today, delightfully so, but still so stiflingly humid. We need a good thunder storm to freshen the place up, at the moment we just have rain.

We took down two 'Monkey Platters'. One filled with spicy chicken pieces, cheesy bites in breadcrumbs, mini sausage rolls, etc. The other was filled with cherry tomatoes, green and yellow pepper slices, raisins, raw mushrooms, and cheese. It looked like this...

Monkey Platter

Both platters went down very well :)

Erm, what else have we been doing...erm. Jigsaw puzzles, playdough playing, hama bead creating, Maths Workbooks (for Chelsea and Joseph) and game playing. Callum got a new game for his birthday called Level Headed. It's causing much amusement in our household. The general idea is that you put a plastic 'hat' on your head and have to balance foam 'bricks' on top of the hat. A dice is thrown to tell you how many bricks you need to add, or if the bricks should be picked up by all players or one of your choosing. It's quick to play and surprisingly fun.

Level Headed - Balancing Game

Our vegetable growing attempts seem to be progressing well. Certainly our potatoes appear to be flourishing, as do our various other plantings in pots. Our beans have started to flower, and we have many apples appearing on our tree - plenty of crumbles and pies on the menu this year!


  1. fantastic shots!!!

  2. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Yep, she's beautiful! Isn't it amazing watching them grow and blossom? x

  3. Hello You. I refound your blog:-) Lovely to see the monkey platters you were talking about. Planning to drop in for more inspiration from time to time.xx

  4. love Chelsea's hair :)
    and look at that ladybird in negative !!

  5. Love the purple hair!! Am finding it hard not panicking about the lack of "work" going on in our house!! Benedict is an avid reader but other than that has played on the cbeebies website this week and made numerous lego/meccano creations. Maybe I need to go back and re-read the unschooling handbook and quit worrying eh?
    San x

  6. Hi just me:-) You may just be needing a breather from the net -quite understandable - but I just wanted to check in and say I was thinking of you and look forward to your return:-) xx

  7. We made a bicarb volcano the other day and found loo roll made an excellent outer layer for the papier mache - newspaper isn't as soggy as it used to be.