Saturday, July 31, 2010

Off to the Seaside...

Well, not quite.  We did head off to Torquay today, not for time on the beach, but for time in the shops.  Good fun we had too - well finding bargains is always fun isn't it :)

Our morning started with a cheer when I checked the bank and husband's wages had been paid.  We had a bit of a wobbly moment yesterday when there was no sign of them, but all is well with the world as we have enough money to pay the bills - yay!

Chelsea started her day reading...

Early Morning Reading

whilst I was caught up on some overdue paperwork. Tiegan and Callum sat with their dad and taught him a thing or two about flags (as in flags of the world).

Family learning - Looking at Flags

Joe at this time was on his new bargain 49p PS2 game.

Time passed by oh so quickly, and before we knew it, lunchtime had come, gone, and left us wanting. So we headed off to Torquay. I'm glad we made the effort because boy oh boy did we find some bargains! Shoes for husband for £7.50 a pair from River Island, 2 dresses for myself and Chelsea for £5.50 each from the same store, and a rather dashingly fabulous hat for Callum which seemed to instantly turn him into a Justin Timberlake dance-alike. Watching him breakdancing on the floors of H&M and Primark was worth every penny of the £4 cost lol.

We did of course fill our bellies at a food outlet that shall remain nameless - it's not big, it's not clever, so don't go there ok? Hmm, rather yummy junk food fix though.

After all that hard work was done and over with, we headed to the harbourside for a relaxing stroll.

Torquay Harbour




There were grey(ish) clouds, at times it was very overcast - even slight rain sprinklings were felt - but it was a lovely day and nothing spoilt it. 

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