Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another weekend is over...

Saturday was just spent ambling around Torquay town centre.  We were bits and bobs shopping.  Husband needed a new coat, Tiegan got a new hat (and bracelet, which she has been wearing with pride!), Callum got the Wii game he has wanted for ages (he found it himself hidden in the preloved section of the Game store - saving us almost £10 on the price we had reserved it for in Argos!) , he also got two pairs of much needed new trousers - that lad is growing so fast!  We got three of the children some cheap rucksacks so I don't have to keep carrying all the food in one bag when we go out now, they can each have their own bag of goodies themselves now - much easier on me!  Child number four already has a rucksack if you were wondering - we weren't purposely being mean to one :)

The afternoon was spent at home, tootling around doing our own thing.  Off the top of my head I can remember Wii playing, reading (lots of that by lots of people), role play games, tv watching, playing with the cat, trampolining, scrabble playing, and bedroom tidying.  The evening was spent watching the X-factor auditions, as sad as it may be, it never fails to give us a giggle.

On to Sunday, and it started off so dull, dreary and above all wet.  Goodness it was really enjoying sending us downpour after downpour.  Despite this though we decided to don our wellies and raincoats once more and head for the hills - well, not quite the hills - choosing Haldon Forest instead.

Kira (our 4 year old Springer Spaniel) came along with us for the ride and walk.  She has been brilliant with the new kitten.  I had expected a mad dog chasing cat scenario going on for a while, but actually the opposite has been the case.  Harry kitten, yes that small, innocent looking little fella - is wreaking havoc in the household by stalking and striking out at the dog!  I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't have seen it myself - he literally wanders around the house following the dog and hissing and swiping at her at every opportunity.  Poor Kira doesn't know what to do, so she just keep walking off...

Today she was able to run through bracken, nosy down rabbit holes, follow scent trails of foxes and badges (I presume) and look longingly at the flying birds wishing she could grow wings and give chase (again, I am making a presumption!) :o)

I took a few piccies as per usual, I just picked my time in between the showers.

The views...


Haldon View

The paths...

Long and winding road...

The smiles....



The cheeky play...

Got him!

The sticks! ...

It's bigger than me!

On guard!

The surroundings...

Just loved this...


The puddles...



Puddles are fun for all!

Big kids like puddle jumping too!

Yes, that's me!!!

and the tree inspections...



After 2 and a half hours of walking, we were ready to head for home - exhausted, aching, but happy :)  We cooked a roast dinner together as a family, and I made a trifle (or my version of one!) for pudding (which was yummy scrummy).  I (stupidly) tortured myself watched Supernanny on TV, and spent the whole time cringing, whinging, shouting, and screaming at the TV and any poor soul within earshot.  Not sure why I keep wanting to watch it, I disagree with the methods used on so many levels *sigh*. Moving swiftly along...we then snuggled down to watch a documentary on Great White Sharks, much more educational, and made all the more enjoyable by the arrival of hot-chocolates with marshmallows.

I wonder what our Monday will have in store for us....

Ooooh, before I go, can I just share this link with you:
It's my eldest daughter's blog post about her socialising efforts.  Chelsea is 14 and she would love you to sneak on over there and take a peek :)

Julia x


  1. Lovely puddletastic day !!

  2. I love the puddle splashing photos! Fabulous! And I'm with you on supernanny - don't watch it now!

  3. sounds like an absolutely wonderful day. Love those pictures of the puddle jumping. We love it up at Haldon, so much fun - Chris can manage the walk along the play trail now, although Amelia needs a carry from time to time, but they do love going round spotting all the boxes.

    So with you on Supernanny, she ranks only a bit behind Gina F in my book, and yet, I do have a morbid fascination in watching it - just so I can shriek at the tele according to Mike.

    Although it's a shame that the weather's turned, I am loving the excuse to start cooking properly again - the roast and trifle sounds delicious!