Sunday, August 01, 2010

Happy Sunday :)

I don't have a great deal to report.  Our Sunday wasn't exactly filled with any great excitement or interest.  It was just a normal, mundane day.  We started off with a quick visit and snoop around to the local car boot sale.  No such bargains as last week I'm afraid, so a bit of a waste of time.  Still, I do love that early morning walk, when the day hasn't quite woken up fully, and there are many people still resting their weary heads.

We headed for home, and I cleaned and tidied (but how long will it stay that way???)  the kids' room downstairs, put Oscar (rabbit) out in his run on the lawn, and came in to rest. Imagine my surprise when I foud chelsea had tidied her bedroom and got the workbooks out.

Sunday morning

Yes, that's her on a SUNDAY morning - ???

Chelsea working...

The rest of the day was spent playing outside, using the laptops, shopping at the supermarket (too busy, never again!), and discussing solutions to our one car family problem.  Husband needs the car to get to his work.  It's a two bus journey and because the journey doesn't fit nicely into one zone - it would cost £22 a week on bus fares.  Considering it's costing around £15 in petrol for the car per week, and well, bus travel isn't exactly cost effective is it?  But then, for me to go anywhere here with the children on the bus costs a fortune - just 15 minutes in either direction and they ask for almost £12.  Oh what to do, what to do, what to do?

My lovely, gorgeous, fabulous husband's suggestion?  He will buy a little moped for going to work on.  At £15 a year to tax, cheap to insure, and petrol thirst kept to a minimum, it's a fabulous solution - freeing me up to galavant around in the car with the children to our hearts content.  No more missing out on the Home-Ed trips.  No more feeling guilty as friends can only visit our house as we can't afford to pay the bus fare to theirs, no more cabin fever!

So the hunt is on for a cheapie little reliable moped :)

What else did we do - erm, oh we watched a recorded episode of Clash of the Dinosaurs.  Callum really loves that program and asks if it's on daily.  I'm not wholly convinced by the scientific explanations - lots seem to be based on guesswork and possibilities - but if it keeps the little man entertained (and the graphics and computer generated footage fascinates the rest of us), I'm more than happy.

So there you go, a rather lack lustre and mundane Sunday, but I still thought I would share it with you as a snippet of view into my life :)


  1. wow your templates changed , thought I was on the wrong blog for a min lol
    what a lovely husband :-) bless him .

  2. Not at all mundane! Love the way Chelsea gets on with her work, wish Katie would! Is that English she's working on? What books does she use?

    The moped idea is brilliant - he'll have lots of fun on that! When we lived in town and the kids were at school it was so expensive to use the bus. It worked out far quicker and much more convenient to use the car. Daft isn't it!