Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's all coming together nicely...

This isn't about home-educating as such, so you may want to do a quick blog hop onto your next favourite read if that is what you have visited for.  This post is about our decorating exploits and is really for my own record as I'm mighty proud of what we have done thus far.

After almost 5 years of living in this house, we decided it was finally time to stamp our own mark on the place.  I finally wanted some of my own likes and personality within these 'ere walls.  It is time to make this house our home :)

So over the past two days we have made a start on doing just that.

Now, before you see these photos - imagine a blank canvas.  When we moved here money was in short supply, and my lovely parents offered to help us out with the decorating.  They paid for the paint, which was very kind of them, but it did limit our choice of colours somewhat (to keep the expense down).  My mum is a big (read as massive) fan of plain and simple.  Imagine every room being the same (or very similar) colour.  Imagine pale and pastel.  Imagine 'off-white'.  Not pure white (too clinical), not 'Magnolia' (too dark) - just a slight hint of a tint of cream.  This was the colour of choice for the living room, the kitchen, the hallway, stairs and landing.  Yes, it's clean looking (although it doesn't stay that long with 4 children and a dog in the family!) but it's also rather - erm, boring?  I am sooooo not a 'off-white' sort of person (in our case, the tin stated it was "Jasmine White").  This is what I am talking about...

new house 029

Doesn't exactly go with the shiny hot pink Dr Marten's and multicoloured over-knee socks image does it?  But this is how it has looked (just got grubbier and filthier over time) for the past 5 years.

This is how it is starting to look from today...

New Look Stairs

Bit of a difference huh? But I like it. I like it a lot.

We have also transformed the lounge. We started off with this...

house 028

See, it's that colour again :) I wanted a deep chocolate brown for the chimney wall, but mum insisted on lightening it to a frothy light coffee colour by mixing the brown with the ol' Jasmine White. Actually, I did like that room when it was clean and tidy. But, it rarely looked that clean, and hardly ever stayed that tidy.

It always felt 'wishy washy' to me.  It needed some oooomph! Now it has some :)

New Look Lounge

I just LOVE that Teal colour, I keep sneaking a peek at it and smiling to myself :)

We've got a large picture on the wall that looks like this...

Lounge - Large Picture

I didn't paint it, I wish I could paint like that!

Two smaller pictures hang by its side...

Lounge - Small Picture 1

Lounge - Small Picture 2

I like how they look on the wall, this gives a little glimpse...

New Look Lounge - Wall

I love the new feel to the room; the bright and clean look, the modern colour combination, the zest of colour.  It feels so much more like 'me'.


  1. i like the changes too. wow paint is sucha powerful way to personilize and yet soo simple.

  2. Anonymous9:13 am

    Oh yeah, love the colours in the stairs and the living room is much more welcoming. The pictures on the wall are gorgeous!
    Have a lovely bank holiday!
    Hugs xx

  3. This looks so lovely! It is very spooky though as it is like reading a post I could have written... after 15 months renting this house we finally decided to make our "mark" too and to claim the house as a home.

    The house is carpeted in flat builders beige carpet, the woodwork is all white, and every wall is magnolia. Over three floors! As you said, that sort of colour scheme is not sensible with four kids running around - especially when they are all boys!

    Our bathrooms have now been painted, and our dining room, and we are using a very similar scheme/idea to yours.

    I look forward to comparing photos!

  4. That looks soooooo beautiful Julia! What a difference - I love the staircase especially. Well done! :-) xx

  5. Just linked to your blog from "when I get the time".......I love the colour schemes, its such a difference from all the vintage that's going on at the moment.....a breath of fresh air.
    florrie x

  6. Ohhhhh lovely. Oh I do wish I could do the same. My house, rented too, is all off white/beige too and it's so not me.

    And while I could repaint; the landlady isn't opposed but I shall be moving next year, so it's not worth it. I hope though, the next house is a long term one that I can put my mark on :-)

    And those paintings are beautiful, gosh the sense of movement and grace is fantastic! Wish I could paint like that too!

  7. Wow those rooms are so great now, you've done an amazing job there. I love the colour choices, bright and bold, and much more individual now for sure. :)

  8. The new colour accents are just great! They really transform the rooms, yet without too much cost involved, eh?
    San x