Saturday, September 04, 2010

Exeter Green Fair - Dare I say it was a Success?

As mentioned previously on here, today was Exeter Green Fair day.  Years ago, when I was involved in the Exeter home-ed group, I used to attend various events throughout the summer and be a full on Home-Educator promoter.  I was a little bit shyer back then (yes, really I was!) and tended to stay in the background.  Others seemed to be much more knowledgeable about the whole home-ed thing and I was scared of saying the wrong thing (and being made to look very stupid...)

Oh how times have changed - or maybe that should read as - Oh how I have changed!

We headed out a little later than I had planned this morning.  Tiegan looked so peaceful asleep in her bed and I felt very apologetic having to wake her.  I knew that she would be disappointed to miss the girlie day out if I left her sleeping and went without her, so it had to be done.  But I did give her a longer lie-in than planned, hence we set off later than I had hoped to.  This of course meant that all of the setting up was done and dusted by the time we arrived (some may say we planned it that way...*grin* ).

Both of the boys decided to stay at home with their dad, probably sensible in the circumstances.  Perusing shops all day doesn't seem to have quite the same appeal to my boys as it does with the girls, I wonder why that is?  Probably because my girls get so delighted with all the nail polishes, clothes, hair accessories, hats, shoes, and jewellery that can be found inside.   There are only so many Playstation games that a lad can look at before boredom sets in.

Can you believe that today is the first time I have driven to Exeter since moving to this house 5 years ago?!  Considering that I used to go to Exeter two or three times a week when we lived in Dawlish, that's quite a difference huh?  I have been as a passenger with husband driving a handful of times, but never driven myself.  I was quite nervous! (I don't do very much driving now, husband plays chauffeur most days).

Anyway, I digress.

I drove there with ease (didn't have to turn around once!!!) and even managed to park without a hitch. Someone was smiling down on me today!   We were greeted with grey clouds and dullness weather wise which didn't bode well, but fortunately the rain held off except for a very odd little splatter.  The clever thinking Louise, in all her wisdom, had planned for that eventuality though and had managed to get hold of a gazebo as shelter.  One thing we didn't plan for was the wind.  One moment all was calm and peaceful on the Cathedral Green, then the next is was blowing what seemed like gale force (ok ok, so a slight exaggeration there - but it was still blustery enough to cause chaos with the leaflets and displays!  Oh, and we almost had a gazebo kite on more than one occasion.)

Things started off pretty quietly, but overall I think the day was a success.  We had a fair few people reading the display board and / or making enquiries.  I had printed 25 information sheets regarding the home-ed groups in the area, and I've only bought 2 home with me - that's pretty good going I think.  I met with a few "lurker" blog readers which was nice - although I always feel a little strange when complete strangers say "Hello Julia..."   However, I do like and appreciate the fact that people read this blog and seem to enjoy it, and I love knowing that some find it inspirational, so that's a big fat positive and it spurs me on to continue writing.  If you are a lurker who has never commented, please feel free to leave a comment and make yourself  known.  I'm quite nice, honest!  I might even give you a wave... ;)

It was nice to meet people face to face that I have been in contact with by other means.  A couple of people I've been in touch with via email, and at least one through that magical social network known as Facebook.   Also nice to see friends that I haven't seen for a long time (and friends that I have seen just last week of course!)  All in all it was a smiley sort of a day.  I love talking - so the opportunity to talk lots, about a subject I feel very passionate about, is just perfect for little ol' me.  I felt quite in my element, which is definitely a change from the nervy 'daren't say what I think' gal of old.

I arrived home to be greeted by my boys, with Joseph full of tales about the Dambusters - apparently in my absence they had been watching a documentary on the subject.  Joe was full of facts and figures, and seemed interested to learn more, so that may well be a theme for a week or two.


  1. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Trying to remember the days when you were shy lol x

  2. lol, more how I felt on the inside...

  3. so glad that it went well! Sounds like a great day - congrats on the driving and facing up to the fear! Hope you have a lovely chilled out day today