Friday, September 03, 2010

Home and Friends.

Thursday was a stay at home day for us.  I think we needed one (well ok, I know that I needed one!)  We didn't do much more than potter around the house - cleaning, giving the paint a bit of a touch up where necessary, sleeping for a few hours...that sort of thing.  The children all dispersed and did their own thing.  I know that their rooms were tidied, they read a few books (to themselves, and aloud to me), discussed future family project ideas, played on various games consoles, drew pictures, and generally amused themselves.  It was a very relaxed sort of a day, with no plans and no pressures - nice to just stay home and relax a bit.

Tiegan headed off to Brownies in the evening, the first meeting of the new term.  Fortunately Brown Owl telephoned us to let us know - without having any interest in the school term times, we really play a guessing game as to when Brownies are on.  She returned her Member of the Month award, and came home with a lovely beaded bracelet that one of the girls had made for her, and a birthday party invitation.

On Friday we were expecting our lovely home-edding friends over for a visit.  Oh how excited we were!  Our morning was spent dilly dallying in all honesty.  We had the grocery shopping delivered, and frustrations seemed to develop - lots of things got dropped, including eggs, which seemed to cause a tense atmosphere in the household.  Not something I find at all pleasant, and I am struggling to deal with negativity at the moment.  Chelsea and Joseph headed out to the library for a book re-stock, and Tiegan read a couple of chapters from The Magic Faraway Tree to me.  Callum drifted from  listening to the story to playing on the Wii, and we all discussed plans for the future - Individual Project ideas, recipes we wanted to try, places we wanted to visit, etc.

The afternoon was rather perfect, with me having a catch-up sessions with a very lovely and much appreciated friend, and the children enjoying spending time with their friends.  We chatted, drank tea, put the world to rights, and I demonstrated a crafting technique or two - funny how I'm giving crafting up and one of my good friends is starting out.  I did manage to pass on a few crafty bits and pieces which I hope will be found to be of use.

I have spent the evening printing out home-ed literature for the Exeter Green Fair which I am popping along to tomorrow.  Just general information about groups in the area, a books to read list, a snippet of this 'ere blog, and the thoughts of Chelsea I posted here a few days ago.  I'm not sure if they will be of interest to anyone, but the thought of being helpful was there ;)  It's nearly midnight now so I hope they make sense...

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