Saturday, September 11, 2010

Website for Home-Educators in Devon

I am giving my Classroom Free website a much needed revamp and overhaul.  I would very much like it to be a hub of information for home-educators in Devon, detailing group information and events, a regular newsletter, news and reviews, places of interest etc etc.

I have been talking to a few group organisers and it seems that many don't know that other groups exist, and if they do, they are very sketchy on what the other groups get up to. I am hoping that if we have a central website where we can all visit and see what's available for home-edders in the region, we will have a valuable support network.

If you run a group or indeed attend one within the Devon area, I'd be more than happy to include it on the site.  You can provide as much or as little information as you wish to, and I am happy to be a contact person if you prefer your group to be less in the public domain.  I will then forward any enquiries on to the group contact person as necessary. 

Obviously only vague information will be given regarding group meeting locations etc.

If anyone has any information or ideas on how we can grow the site into a useful network, I'd welcome your input :)

Julia x


  1. Anonymous9:49 am

    Now I'm wishing I lived in Devon! I'm not a home educator in the traditional sense (my oldest girl is in school) but I think I hold alot of the same values as home-ed families. I really wish I could meet other home educators where I live but i think they must all be hiding somewhere!

  2. The site looks GREAT Jules! I have written up a post about it for the UK blog. It should post up in about two days time. Hope it brings you some traffic. :o)(See? I may be quiet but I'm still reading you!)- Deedee