Thursday, September 30, 2010

Resource of the Day 1

I'm really enjoying flicking through the pages of this site:

This is what it says on the About Us page...

The idea of Pitara was born out of the recognition that education is not an end in itself. That it has a higher goal - of helping our children become intelligent human beings. Intelligent and sensitive to their immediate social-political-cultural-ecological surroundings.

From our own experiences as parents we have realised that, as a general rule, we underestimate children. They are far more intelligent, sensitive, and concerned than we believe them to be. As they grow, it is from us that they learn to become indifferent, and unconcerned. They take on our mortal fear of failure and paranoia for success.

In a world that is getting carried away with material and vocational success, Pitara hopes to provide an alternate ideology. The ideology is an outcome of collective guilt, born out of a realisation that we have more or less messed up our planet which we inherited only as guardians to pass on to our children.

Pitara's Agenda

How can we give our children a better world, and how can we give the world better children.

Mission Statement

To deliver an experience to children that is fun and is high on the value-quotient

Key Premise

It is possible to make the experience of education, learning and growing-up fun and, at the same time, reinforce and promote the right value-system.

Primary audience: Children under 13
Secondary audience: Parents, teachers, and schools.

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    Oh i didn't see this one. It's a good one!
    Thank you!
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