Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back to normality?

Today has felt pretty much normal - well ok, as normal as a household of six oops I mean seven can feel.

There has been the usual hustle bustle of activity going on around the house today, and it's felt wonderful.  As much as I have thoroughly enjoyed being in the newborn baby bubble, I crave 'normality'.  I yearn for usual routines, for our usual home-ed lifestyle, for my usual family life - it's the life I love, the life I cherish, and I don't want to change it.

Taisia has slotted in to our family rather nicely.  She is a wonderfully content baby, loving her snuggles and is never happier than when she is cuddling up to someone.  She is tucked up on my chest blissfully asleep as I write this, it feels so special.  I can't help but keep stroking her back and kissing her head.  Today has given me an insight into how things will work around her, and I like what I have seen :)

Various activities have taken place throughout the day.  The boys have played on the Wii, and Callum has been on various websites.  Joseph has read a couple of history fact books and a book about penguins, whilst Tiegan has read part way through the Horrible Histories Gorgeous Georgians book.  Chelsea has almost completed a lapbook about Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece Lapbook

Both Chelsea and Joseph have decided to do a joint lapbook on Albert Einstein - they are actually working on that as I type here at 7.30pm - I love the fact that they don't see learning as something that happens between certain hours on certain days.

We have made a start on our conker people, so I would like to introduce...

Conker Cyclops:

Conker Cyclops

and Conker Carol:

Conker Carol

I have managed to sort out November's "Learn Something New Everyday" list - only 10 days late, but hey ho :) It's nice to know I have a back up for when the day seems to be progressing slowly or we are struggling to do *something*.

Chelsea worked through some of the Galore Park Maths workbook, whilst Tiegan completed some maths worksheets she had asked me to print off for her.  I do like self-motivated children, makes life so much easier!

This afternoon as a family we have baked our first batch of mince pies! Finally it seems (after many years of trying and failing) I seem to have fathomed out how to make edible pastry!

Mince Pie Baking

I think we will be making more very soon - this batch has practically vanished...

Mince Pies

I'm putting my order in for more of the same tomorrow please dear family :)


  1. Gosh, how lovely :-)

    Hmm and those mince pies look yummy.. hmmm I'm fancying some myself now! lol

  2. looks goooood! :)

  3. Gorgeous name and I haven't forgotten something for the little one!

    Well done you for blogging and baking remember to rest though! Tell Chelsea from me that her lap book is absolutely fab and a real credit to her.

    We are finally finding a rhythm here with home school and it's looking good.

    Just to let you know that I've merged our family and home ed blog, after all learning occurs all the time, doh!

    So we can be found at:

    Big hugs San xx