Friday, November 19, 2010

The end of a busy week..

We have had a very busy week.
As I sit here at just before 11pm on Friday evening, I'm quite glad the week is over and done with and we have survived!  I look at the calendar on my wall and there isn't a spare square for this week.  All spaces are filled with "something".  Socialisation issues with home-education?  I don't think we have any worries in that department...

Monday morning - Lovely friend visits with her 3 sons.
Monday afternoon - My parents visit.

Tuesday afternoon - Our LA visitor arrives to 'check' our educational provision.  All the children actively and willingly took part in the meeting.

Wednesday morning - Another lovely friend visits, with her gorgeous daughter.

Thursday morning - More lovely friends visit, a family consisting of mum and 3 children.
Thursday afternoon - Meal out with my parents and brother.

Friday - Meeting up with the Home-Ed photography group.  A new place for us to visit, a gorgeous park and national trust land.  I did of course take a few photographs, wanna see?

The place was so pretty - just look at those beautiful huge trees!

Home ed group

We walked along the rivers edge...

Path at Bradley Manor

and admired the amazing scenery...

bradley manor walk

Bradley Manor

H.E walk

We trekked up to the limestone quarry and remarked on how tranquil it felt - and talked about how noisy it would have been when it was an active quarry and a hive of activity.

We walked through a field with cows...

Cows at Bradley Manor

and we got extremely muddy because some silly person (also known as me) forgot in my haste as I thought we were late, to pack the wellies! As it turned out, we were early and the first to arrive!

We even saw things that seemed to be rather befitting of a film set or two!

Bradley Manor Home-Ed group walk

Dear Taisia slept in her Kari-Me sling the whole time, we hardly heard a squeak from her. She took her first home-ed meeting in her stride, and was much admired - Thank you to Louise and family for the lovely outfit and card :)

It was really lovely to catch with friends, and we were made to feel so welcome. The kids had a great time too - although they didn't take one single photograph! Chelsea carried her camera in it's case around hung around her neck the whole time...*sigh* Hopefully she will be reminded what group it is when we next attend the PHOTOGRAPHY group *grin*.

We have a quiet weekend planned to recover from this week, and will be saying goodbye to my parents on Saturday as they head back to their home in Spain early Sunday morning.  Life will then appear to be returning to 'our level of normality' again when we join the Teignbridge and Torbay HE group for a park meeting on Monday.  Looking forward to it - sounds like it may be a good turn out :)


  1. Beautiful woods! I do love to walk through woods anytime of year, (although in summer I usually get eaten alive by midges!) How nice that you have a good home ed group to visit places with. It's funny, socialisation seems to be the first thing people ask me about with regards to home ed. We certainly don't lack it here either! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Liz

  2. Gorgeous photos. We're just getting into photography and you've given me a great idea for a home ed group session maybe in the spring.

  3. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Wow, what makes me miss a real autumn SO much! Hawaii is great, but you can hardly tell the seasons are changing!

    Also impressive to get 5 children out of the house all at once EVER! lol!