Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Finding a routine...

Our new gorgeous baby girl has a name we are happy with at last. 

Taisia Martha Pollard.

Taisia Martha Pollard

Martha was my maternal grandmothers name, Taisia we just loved the sound of.

So here we are, a family of 7.  Slowly, oh so slowly, we are getting back into a very vague sort of routine.  Taisia is a very happy and content baby, sleeping for large amounts throughout the day making things a lot easier for us all.  I have taken her out on a couple of shopping trips already, carrying her in my much loved sling which she seems to agree with wholeheartedly - she has slept through every visit!  I love carrying her so close to me.  I was passionate about carrying Callum in the sling - a Kari-me wrap - so am totally loving being able to wear it once again for Taisia.

I think we are just about ready to get back to our home-ed life, doing project work and joining in with the groups again.   My parents will soon be heading back to Spain, and I will be signed off from the midwife care team on Friday afternoon all being well.  Then we will certainly feel as if life is returning back to normality for us.  I have loved seeing my parents again of course, and actually enjoyed the visits by the lovely midwives - but I want my freedom back.  I want the freedom to be able to decide where to go and when instead of having to arrange my days around expected visitors.

Today we are going to visiting the library once the grocery shop has arrived, and then doing some more work for our Autumn display wall and November "learn something new each day" display.  I plan on baking some mince-pies this afternoon :)  We have just had a phone call from my LA and have an appointment for our annual visit next Tuesday so that will kick my organising skills well and truly up the bum and make me get back into the swing of things :) 

(Before anyone says anything - it was my choice to accept the visit, I'm happy for them to come and have had the same visitor for 7 years without a sniff or hint of a problem.  I could have delayed the visit if I wished to I know, or even decline and just send a report - but I'm happy to sit and natter :)  )


  1. Oh, lovely xxx
    Glad you are finding a rhythm already, she looks very content in the picture.

  2. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl! - Deedee www.homeschoolblogger.com/deedeeuk

  3. she is utterly, totally perfect. And what a lovely lovely name. Hope all is well in your world, and that you are all enjoying your babymoon. What a lucky little girl she's going to be growing up in such a loving and wonderful family. Best wishes to you all. x

  4. Anonymous2:49 pm

    What a lovely name! She seems so happy. I hope everything goes well for your visit.
    Hugs xx

  5. Awwww, she is gorgeous and a gorgeous name too! Enjoy the early days - all the 1sts and the new-baby-head smell....... uh oh - getting broody again, must stop looking at gorgeous babies!

  6. A beautiful name for a beautiful baby!