Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wishy Washy Wet Wednesday...

Can you tell that I struggled to come up with a title for this post?  I think the title is quite appropriate though.  Last night here in Devon (and Cornwall so I hear), we were battered and bruised by rain and winds.  I don't think that I've ever been so thankful that a) We didn't live in our dream riverside cottage, and b) We have a non-leaking, now completely fixed roof over our heads.  I shudder to think of the mess we would have woken up to find this morning had we still had the leaks - it wouldn't have been pleasant.

Fortunately we were little affected by the floods and traffic chaos, as we only had to venture out a short distance away this afternoon.  Our morning was spent utterly pleasantly with dear friends.  I know that it wasn't me the pleasure of my company they were seeking.  The visit was solely planned and arranged as a let's coo over baby Taisia - she sure is stealing all the limelight and glory, the rest of us hardly get a look in!  :o) A lovely few hours were spent chatting and baby admiring - with the older children playing various board games, drawing with oil pastels, chattering lots, and drinking cup-a-soups :)  We even got choccies as a gift - that kind of pressie is always welcome!

My parents arrived just as our guests were leaving, we had chance to say a quick hello before leaving them to take Chelsea to the Orthodontist.  She is getting to the end of her brace wearing days now, and her teeth are looking so good - much improved on the before treatment days.  A new stronger wire was added to her top teeth today, and we have to return in 10 weeks for another check up to see if the brace can be removed yet.  Dear Chelsea is counting down the days I think, it's been a long time, but oh so very worth it.

Tomorrow we have more friends popping over to see us cuddle Taisia, then we are going out for a meal with my parents in the afternoon.  They are heading back to Spain on Sunday morning, so it will be a meeting of mixed emotions.  They are happy with their new life over there though, so I'm happy for them.

Right, Taisia is calling - goodnight all :)

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