Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Go to Caseys American Diner - GO!!!

If you are ever in or around Paignton here in Devon, I recommend that you take a trip to Caseys American Diner.

We were invited over for Joseph's birthday treat (his birthday is rather inconveniently on Christmas Eve...), and we have all fallen in love with the place.

Dinner at Casey's Diner in Paignton

I'm ashamed to say I didn't know of it's existence before.   Now we know about it, we will be haunting it's doors often (and hopefully we will be allowed in sometimes....)

Now first of all, the place looks great.  It was pretty busy today, but I did manage to sneak this quick snapshot during a quiet minute (I didn't think that the customers would appreciate being photographed as they were busily stuffing their faces).

Casey's Diner in Paignton

Who could not love a place that looks like that?!

We were seated immediately by a waitress in the most wonderful uniform. I want a job there just so I get to wear their skirts!

The menu has a great range of yummy goodies. An assortment of burgers, hot dogs, kids meals, and traditional fare such as scampi. The prices are competitive, and the food is delicious. I was amazed at the size of my Bacon and Cheese Burger. I mean, I know I have a big mouth, but how the heck am even I meant to get my chops around this delicious looking beast...

Bacon and cheese Burger at Casey's Diner in paignton

I did manage to get through it though (after cutting it in half), but I couldn't manage to finish all of the chips - talk about generous portion sizes! They were freshly cooked to perfection though.

Callum and Tiegan both went for the kid's Hot Dog meal. Usually at the diner, such a meal is served in a cardboard car, but with it being Christmas, nothing less than Santa's sleigh would do!

Enjoying the Kid's Meal at Casey's Diner in Paignton.

Joseph and Chelsea chose Hot Dogs of adult proportions. Chelsea is the only person I know that eats a Hot Dog with a knife and fork...

Chelsea battles the hot-dog at Casey's Diner in Paignton

Now we were under strict instructions to have a pudding. I'm not sure I would have been allowed out alive if we had left without sampling the dessert menu. So, under much duress (ha ha, who am I kidding!) I forced myself to have a yummy scrummy "Malteser Magic"...

Malteser Magic - Desert at Casey's diner

Oh how utterly divine it was!

Callum, being the youngest, of course went for the biggest. Here I introduce for your mouthwatering pleasure, the Knickerbocker Casey...

Knickerbocker Casey - Casey's Diner in Paignton

The little man had to kneel on the chair to reach the top!

The girls both chose the Honeycombe Surprise...

Honeycombe Desert at Casey's Diner in Paignton

Lee picked the Meringue Melt, and Joseph got the Marshmallow Madness (I do hope that I've got the names right, please correct me if wrong).

Praise was given to all, we highly recommend that you try them :o)

If you aren't already eager to visit after hearing about the fabulous food that they serve. Maybe you will be tempted if I say that the staff are wonderful - helpful, quick, and friendly, and the many flavoured milkshakes are delicious.

If your fancy hasn't been well and truly tickled by now, maybe you should just go along to see the decor. How could you not fall head over heels with this jukebox...

Jukebox at Casey's Diner in Paignton

or this baseball player statue...(apparently, the gents toilets are locker room style - I, of course, didn't witness this first hand, but husband and boys were very impressed!)

Baseball Guy at Casey's Diner in Paignton.

or this funky car wall feature...

Cool Decor at Casey's Diner in Paignton

or this, I NEED this for my house..

Betty Boop at Casey's Diner

*squealing as I remember the lush Betty Boop statue*

Joseph (almost 13) said that the place and food "Are Awesome!!"  and later referred to his time there as "Perfecto!"
Chelsea (aged 15) said that Caseys American Diner is "Really Cool!" 
Tiegan (almost 9) said that the diner was "My very favourite place to eat."
Callum (aged 5) said "This place is pretty ok isn't it?" which believe me is bloomin' high praise from that little fella.

We are all going to go along in the New Year to celebrate Tiegan's birthday (which inconveniently falls on Boxing Day!) - looking forward to it already :))


  1. it looks fantastic, and I'm so glad you all had such a good time. The food sounds delish too - we'll definitely have to check it out next time we are down that way - I hadn't ever heard of it either, but I'm sure the kids would love it.

    Wow - December's a big month of celebrations in your house isn't it - I thought we were the only ones who packed in almost all the birthday celebrations into the christmas season!

  2. what a lovely place, like a mini trip to America itself ! x

  3. Sheila4:19 pm

    Dammit! We went on holiday to Devon last summmer and drove past the diner a few times. Wish we'd looked inside now!