Friday, December 10, 2010

Killerton House Visit

Stain Glass Window in the Bear Hut
Today we headed off to Killerton House with a local Home-Ed group.  I love saying "a" local HE group, as it means that there is more than one and that makes me happy :)

If you have followed the link, you will already know that Killerton is a National Trust property.  It's a gorgeous place, the grounds are just beautiful, and there are some interesting stories linked to it - including the much loved by the children "Bear Hut" - where a pet bear was kept at one time.  There were around 40 of us in all, adults and children - age ranging from 0 (dear Taisia) through to 15 years (dear Chelsea).

The inside of the house was prepared for Christmas.  Each room had been decorated to show Christmas through the ages, it was interesting to see (and hear about) the changes taking place as we wandered around. The guides were very helpful and friendly, and we talked with them about everything from visiting Peacocks called Priscilla, through to pre-Christmas Tree days.

*** I do apologise for the quality of the photos - they were taken indoors without a flash, and the costumes were behind glass.  With limited set-up time, quality photos were a no-no! ***

Killerton Hall

Killerton House at Christmas

and who can not help but to fall in love with a bit o' bling...

Killerton House

The children were able to tinker on the rather grand piano - I won't say play the piano, and I don't want to offend anyone by saying murdering - but I think you know what I'm saying ;)

Killerton is hosting a fashion exhibition at the moment, so we headed on up the stairs for a sneaky peek. Wow, some of clothing was just beautiful. Take a look at this corset from around 1890...

and the stunning formal gown and court suit dating from around 1770...

The children were able to try on a few bits and pieces from various era's, which the girls in particular appeared to love (Joseph tried on a Top Hat and now wants one of his own.)

Tiegan playing at being "a lady"
I fell in love with this roof window as seen from the stairway, I don't know why - it just tickled my fancy!

The weather was very kind to us - chilly but not freezing, dry, with no wind to speak of. It enables us to hang around and enjoy views such as this...


Killerton House Grounds

and the children (big and little) could play and cement friendships...

Big kids and little ones...



How blessed are we to have such an amazing Home-ed network, with wonderful people involved, great organisers, and fabulous friends.

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  1. looks lovely there! I also really like the bling and the fact the children were allowed to try things on... makes it more memorable :)