Friday, January 28, 2011

I had an email this morning...

This blog has been featured in a blog post titled "50 Best Blogs in the Unschooling Movement" by Online

  • Classroom Free: From the UK comes Classroom Free, where Julia Pollard waxes philosophical on the unschooling movement and the lessons she and her children learn along the way.

    I'm very chuffed to have been spotted!

    You can see the list in it's entirety here:


    1. Congratulations Julia! That's fab news! Your are an inspiration to us newish bloggers xxx

    2. Congratulations Julia! That's fantastic news, your blog is really good and an inspiration to us newish home ed bloggers xxxx

    3. Awesome, congrats!!!!!!

    4. Anonymous7:53 pm

      Woot Woot!!!

      Well done that fabby lady XXXX

      Much love Tracy M

    5. Anonymous1:14 pm

      Hi, well I think you deserve that, your blog is one of my biggest inspirations. I read it all the time. I think your kids are great and your crafts, wow they are fab too. On the occasions that I have been worried about if I am doing the right thing I have a read of classroom free and I know I am! I have been reading since 2005 ish, just before Callum was born I think, in your old house, right up until now. I rarely comment as my old computer was always playing up, but I have a nice new one now so no excuses lol. Congratulations to you all as well, a little late I know, tho I did say it on facebook! xxx