Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm still here...

But things have been oh so busy here in my little worldly bubble.  I've got some very exciting news to share with you all...

Firstly, my dear husband has got a job!  He starts on Monday as a "Support Engineer".  I am oh so proud of him, but I do wonder how difficult the adjustment of him not being around will be.  I'm going to have to do ALL of the chores again for a start....hmmmm.  

Secondly, on February 1st I am opening a new Etsy store.  I am making and (hopefully) selling needle felted goodies, such as food, life cycle models (think butterflies, frogs, hens, dragonflies etc), whimsical characters, and anything else that springs into my tiny but imaginative brain cell.  I will be sharing with you the Isle of Tazzyboo, and am very much looking forward to welcoming you into the Scatty Dolly studio :)  Here is an idea of what you may see...

(still a work in progress, I need to finish his head!)

I've also joined forces with a lovely home-edding mum, and we are going to be having a craft stall at a local Psychic and Holistic fayre in June.  It's going to be held in Teignmouth, so not very far to travel.  I'm oh so excited, but oh so very nervous - my first ever time of publicly selling my wares.  Eeeek.  If anyone fancies coming along to say hello and offer support do let me know and I'll reveal the venue :)  As well as coming up with ideas for things we wish to sell, we've also got the displaying of goods to worry about - I'm just glad we have got until June to sort it out!

On to other news - the home-ed group is growing and keeping me ultra busy.  We had a wonderful planning meeting on the 17th January where members suggested all kinds of places to visit and things to do.  I now have the task (voluntarily!) to come up with some sort of order that we can do it in.  So far I have sorted out February, and booked a paid visit for March, so I'm getting there :) Not a day goes by it seems that I don't get some sort of correspondence regarding home-education.  Sometimes it is from someone wanting to know more about the group, other times it is an enquiry from a family that has stumbled across this blog or my website.  It's nice to know that home-ed is thriving!

Taisia is almost 3 months old now and a real little treasure.  She seems to be growing in personality every day, making different noises, new facial expressions, more and more alert - you know the thing.  This is her during a recent conversation with big sis Chelsea....

Isn't she a darling?

She is also very very cheeky...

The others are trundling along as per usual.  Chelsea has discovered that she too enjoys needle felting, so she has been creating.  Starting off with simple makes such as apples and cherries, but I'm sure before long she will be coming up with all sorts of goth like dolls and creatures - she has oodles of ideas, and she has been a great help with coming up with Scatty Dolly silliness :)

Tiegan has re-found her love of spiders, so is working away on a project - possibly to be turned into lapbook style.  She is still a total utter bookwork, and both she and Chelsea are still going along to their monthly bookclub and loving every session.  Tonight they are off to the local pantomine with Tiegan's Brownie pack.

The boys are just - well, being the boys!  Joseph is still has an interest in Wars, and will watch any TV documentary, film, or read any book he finds on the subject.   He is an entrepreneur wannabe,  always trying to come up with money making scheme :)  Joe has also started to develop a love of cooking, which is great and something I am bound to encourage!  Callum is still game-console mad, but it's surprising just how much educational value stems from some games.  One of the games he particularly likes is Wii Party and there is a lot of counting, estimating, problem solving, matching etc, contained within it.  He never ceases to surprise me with little nuggets of information he is still somehow learning despite no formal tuition.  One thing that saddens me though is he has lost his love of stories.  Just yesterday he said "I don't like people reading to me any more." I've learnt enough along the way to not push things and that it's probably just a phase the little man is going through, but it still made me feel a little glum.

So there we go.  I've not done very well with the keeping up blogging regularly promise I made at the beginning of the year.  I shall try harder!


  1. What wonderful news about hubby - big, big congratulations, what a great start to 2011. I can't wait to see your new shop on Etsy up and running, your little felted things are gorgeous. Good luck with it all x

  2. Anonymous4:10 pm

    So glad to hear all your good news. Congratulations all around. Your baby is just scrumptious.


  3. Great news on the job front not just for hubby but for you too!

    Tasia is one super cute baby... but you don't need me to tell you that!!

    San x

  4. You've made up for your absence with a nice big update though. Excellent news about the new job and Tasia is just gorgeous :)

  5. wonderful news all round. Am sure your etsy store and the fair are going to be v successful - we'll definitely come down for the fair!

    Sounds like there's lots of learning and fun happening at your place, no wonder you don't have time to blog!!

    We've dipped our toes into a couple of days of HEing this week, me and Chris have loved it, but we're being challenged by A LOT of family disapproval (including DH) so I'm not sure we'll be keeping going, but it's been such fun and I so see why you guys do it - I've loved having him around all the time and it's been a pleasure to do stuff together without having to rush about for school. We'll see... but at least we've had the chance to try it, if nothing else...

  6. Congrats to your hubbie on getting a new job! It is definately mixed blessings though isn't it, I remember my hubbie going back to work after over a year and a half of unemployment, it was sooo hard to get used to having to do everything myself again! Your little daughter is just beautiful, what lovely pictures, she is such a sweetie! Good luck with all the change over the coming weeks!

  7. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Good news on the job front, and looking forward to browsing the shop, loving the felted owl!
    Good luck, dont know how you find the time?

  8. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Saw this in Waterstones in Newton Abbot! I'd just read your post! :D