Sunday, February 13, 2011

End of the weekend...

So how did Sunday pan out?
Well, it rained.  It rained more.  It rained some more.  But still my two eldest went to town to meet with a friend. We dropped them off at the train station, and shortly after the rain stopped.  They were out for hours! Goodness only knows how many times they walked around the few shops that were open on a Sunday.  But they had fun and enjoyed catching with with J who, as he goes to school, they rarely get to see.

After fighting the crowds in the supermarket (gosh it was busy!!), we came home to start taking down our old wall displays and prepare new ones.  Our displays are on-going, as we add bits and pieces to them as the days go by.  The younger ones made the first decorations, flowers...

I just knew the saved long ago egg box cartons would be put to some use one day!

I found a spring-like font (if there is such a thing, basically a fancy font with flowers on it!) and printed out large letters, which were cut out and glued to the wall (I just use wallpaper lining paper as a base, it's much cheaper than using card and once the display is finished you can hardly see it anyway).  Using my daisy flower punch from my papercrafting days of old, I punched out shapes from yellow paper to add to the letters - this gave them a bit of zing. The flower centres were punched out using an ordinary hole punch.

Add a couple of poems, one I printed and one Tiegan wrote, plus our lovely sheepie pal made by a fabby friend, and this is how it looks thus far...

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  1. Anonymous6:12 pm

    I love the spring display, what a great idea!