Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friends, Rain, Fun.

As mentioned yesterday, we had arranged to meet with friends today.  Park if the weather was visit park-like, here at our home if the weather was stay indoors-like.

Upon opening the curtains this morning, the weather was very much only go out if you dare-like.  So I did think I should spruce the place up a bit just in case.  Kitchen cleaned, bathroom done (even a new bar of soap was opened - oooooh!), floors hoovered, kids bedroomed (sort of) tidied.  And all before 10am! I'm loving this necessary getting up early malarkey, it means I have plenty of time after dropping Lee off at work to fit almost everything in.  A nifty text to our playdate pals to check on what we should do, and it was decided to arm ourselves with wellies and raincoats and be brave.

I'm so glad we did.  I needed the fresh air and exercise.  Great chatter, happy children, cheerful mums.   We did get very very wet though, but nothing that couldn't be rectified by a change of clothes and hot choc :)

The afternoon passed quietly.  Books were read, playstation games were played.  Lego towers, houses and tanks were built.  The laptops were put to much use as always, and *whispers very quietly* I even managed to have a little afternoon snooze (with Taisia) - my body was screaming with the need to sleep, so I listened - just for a little while.

Another quick hoover and tidy up before picking Lee up from work - home again and dinner time.  Lee went off out to college and Tiegan headed off to Brownies - this week the Brownies are starting to look at World Thinking Day.

Tonight I shall be cutting out lapbook bits and pieces, and hopefully (please please please) I will be getting organised enough to be a few days ahead of ourselves project wise - but that depends on how much sleep Taisia gets.  I've sorted out a set of plastic drawers so each child has his or her own drawer where they can find the days work if they wish to do it, I think that will be easier than each trying to find their bits and pieces in the mountain of paperwork that is ever-growing in the lounge *shrug*.

Tomorrow we have a home day, I'm planning Spring Wall set-up, project work, reading, and .... whatever life decides to bless us with :o)


  1. Gosh I had forgotten all about Thinking Day - and me a former sixer of the Kelpies too! I enjoyed reading the linked page. The brownies sure have moved on since I was there.

  2. Thanks for these posts this week! It's so nice when you're feeling a bit out of control and then watching someone else getting organised gets you back on track - just what I needed :o) xx

  3. I remember when Amelia was tiny (and rarely slept) that days out were so refreshing, especially if I could also manage a doze on the sofa later!! Sounds like you all had a great day and the new routines are working well.

    Hope you have a great weekend - we are hoping to fit in swimming, bit of rugby watching, rugby training, church and then we'll see what we have energy for by Sunday afternoon!